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27 October 2013

Wonderful Winter Wedding-land

With the festive tingle in the air, preferably snow on the ground, fire lit indoors, the smell of chestnuts roasting and the all-familiar Christmas decorations up, Christmas and winter weddings are absolutely magical!

If you’re planning on a Christmas or winter wedding, congratulations, you’ve picked a wonderful time of the year to get married. Spring and summer weddings have their own allure of course, but wintertime weddings have a magical, glamorous element all their own. Plus, one thing you can count on with wintertime weddings is being able to plan for the British weather! Here are a few things I love about wintertime and Christmas weddings –

The Dress

Quite often the first thing a bride-to-be thinks about when planning her wedding is what amazing creation she is going to adorn herself on her special day. Winter brides have certain choices spring/summer brides don’t, a gorgeous wrap or fur shawl, can look absolutely gorgeous, not only on the bride but her bridesmaids too! Lace sleeves on dresses also look beautiful.


While couples planning their winter wedding can obviously still go for flowers or candelabras as centre-pieces they have such a fantastic range of alternative options available to them. Centre-pieces of pinecones, evergreen sprigs and flickering candles look absolutely lovely. Christmas-time couples can even go for Christmas trees as centrepieces – they look beautiful draped in fairly lights – or vases filled with baubles.


There are certain foods and drinks just perfect for a winter wedding – apple pie or pineapple upside-down with custard or warm bread and butter pudding all make fantastic and delicious desserts at a winter-time wedding. You could also serve your guests hot chocolate or eggnog, incorporate snowflake patters into your wedding cake or even go for a snow globe as your cake topper.

Winter flowers

If you’re going for a traditional red and green wedding red roses with holly and ever-green complimented with ornamental berries look beautiful. You can also pick from in-season flowers such as tulips and snowdrops. If you’re going for an elegant white and silver theme then clusters of hyacinths and orchids wrapped in a shimmering ribbon will look stunning.

Are you having a winter wedding? What are your favourite things about them? Let us know in the comments below.

Image: Wedding Dates

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