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14 November 2013

What's in a date

Possibly the biggest decision you’ll have at the start of your wedding planning will be the date, however deciding on one that meets all your criteria for the perfect day can be a little tricky, so where do you begin? I’ve put together a few tips that will help you on your way!

Have you always dreamt of marrying when the days are long and sun’s shining bright? If so, you’ve just narrowed your dates down to late spring through to summer (for a UK wedding). Or perhaps you have your heart set on a cosy, intimate affair while the air is crisp and the frost sparkles on the ground, in this case you’re obviously destined to be a wonderful winter bride. Decide on the type of weather you’d prefer on your wedding day, while the British weather is anything but reliable, it’ll help narrow down your preferred date.

Think of the cost of your ideal wedding, if you are looking for ways to cut the cost then marrying out of peak-season is something you should consider. Generally speaking, October-March tends to be the cheapest times to marry and going for a mid-week wedding as opposed to a Saturday may cut costs even more.

If you have your heart set on a particular venue then check their availability, venues can get booked years in advance so if you absolutely must get married somewhere in particular then you may have to compromise on a date. If you are using multiple venues you’ll obviously need to check they are both available on the required date/dates.

There are certain people you will not want to get married without - parents, siblings, best friends – check they can attend before you make arrangements for a certain date.

Before settling on a date, do a quick check to see there are no events of particular importance on that date that you/your guests would not want to miss, big sporting events are often ones to avoid clashing your wedding with, I went to a wedding once where I kept dashing to the car to tune into the radio to keep up to date with a huge football game, you definitely do not want your guests to be this distracted!

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