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18 November 2013

What is the perfect day?

If you believe half of what you are told about weddings you’ll believe you have to have the most beautiful dress, the most exquisite venue, perfect floral arrangements, the biggest diamond out of all your friends and possibly Michelin-star catering. And Jimmy Choos. Or Manolos, either would do really. Oh and you should probably be honeymooning in a five-star resort in the Maldives. 

If you can afford the above and want it, fantastic. If you can’t and don’t want to spend your entire savings on one day and/or begin your married life in a mountain of debt that may take you decades to pay off, rest assured you can still have the ‘perfect’ day without it all.

Think about it, as a little girl you probably imagined your wedding day, maybe you had a scrap book and maybe you drew pictures of how your perfect day would be. Were £400 shoes really the icing on the cake for you? Or was it the label on your beautiful white dress what made you excited about the day you were planning? Perhaps it was boasting to your friends that your groom-to-be had bought you a 15 carat ring worth $1.6million à la Kim and Kanye.

Chances are, none of these are what you dreamed about. Don’t get me wrong, you probably did dream of a gorgeous white dress and beautiful flowers and sparkly shoes but the centrepiece of your imagination would probably have been who you were marrying. I mean, which young girl, dreaming about the day society says is the most important day of her life, would have left out the most important component?

In reality, you’ll probably have a budget to stick to when you’re planning your big day and you’ll most likely have to prioritise, don’t let this stress you out or put a downer on your day.  Remember the reason you’re getting married – love, hopefully. And know that in years to come when you look back on the day you’re planning so meticulously for right now, it won’t really be the flowers, the shoes, the dress or the ring that will matter most, it’ll be who you’re marrying.  So, enjoy planning the best day of your life, knowing that as long as you marry the man/woman of your dreams it’ll be a wonderful day.

Image: Steve Gerrard

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