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12 August 2014

What is in a flower?

Have you ever wondered what the meaning is behind some of the flowers brides select for their wedding bouquets? From gardenias to freesias and sweet peas, flowers have their own unique connotations and here we will explain the meanings behind some of our favourites.


Sweet Pea

Sweet pea flowers were discovered by a man named Henry Eckford and grew in popularity during the Victorian era. It is an incredibly fragrant bloom which symbolises thanks and offers people blissful pleasure, as a wedding flower it is somewhat bittersweet representing leaving after having had a good time. It has a short shelf-life after being cut and so must be handled very carefully to be used as a wedding flower.


Freesias are such beautiful and popular wedding flowers symbolising sweetness, friendship, innocence, thoughtfulness and trust. Named after German physician Friedrich Heinrich Theodor Freese these are extremely fragrant flowers, with the red and pink varieties even higher scented.


Worn on the lapels of men’s formal suits as a symbol of good luck in 19th century England, gardenias symbolise purity and sweetness, indicate secret love, convey joy and given as a gift convey to the recipient that they are lovely. They are also believed to represent hospitality and grace.



Peonies are one of our absolute favourite flowers, if ever there was a flower created with perfection it would surely have to be the stunning peony. Round in shape with full, fluffy petals in lovely feminine colours (cream, dusky pink and soft coral are our favourites) it is one of the most popular wedding flowers around. This beautiful bloom has a rich and disputed history with Greek mythology stating that it is named after Paeon, a physician to the gods, who was gifted the flower by Apollo’s mother on Mount Olympus. Peonies are said to represent bashfulness, compassion, riches, indignation, shame, romance, prosperity and honour.


These gorgeous and elegant flowers have a strong and sweet scent and vary in colour and shape and from flower to flower. They can be trumpet-shaped, bowl-shaped and bell-shaped and come in a rainbow of colours, from yellow to red, orange, white, purple and pink. Reflective of the variety of lilies available is the range of meanings behind the flower, generally it is said to represent purity and refined beauty whereas white lilies symbolise modesty and virginity, yellow lilies gaiety and orange lilies passion. Lily of the Valley symbolizes sweetness and purity of heart and the Easter lily is the symbol of the Virgin Mary.

Image: Miki Photography


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