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21 May 2014

Weddings on a Shoestring

In every romance novel and chick flick love always overcomes every obstacle and wins the day. This is how it should be but unfortunately for some couples the battle between love and money often means that they feel as though they can’t get married. However, many a bride has been married on a shoestring budget and still had the best day of her life!

Church Hall Receptions

One of the biggest costs for any wedding will be the wedding venue. I don’t know why some people have a bit of a downer at the thought of a church hall as a number of them are old and quaint which makes them beautiful when decorated.

Option 1: One huge cost saver is to cut out the wedding breakfast and just have an evening reception. Why not hire your local church hall for an evening reception for all your guests and just go out to your favourite restaurant with close family immediately after the ceremony?

Option 2: Hire a church hall for your wedding breakfast and evening reception and bring in caterers to create a wedding buffet feast. Alternatively, if you had a chef or particularly talented cook in your family why not ask them to help? Make sure that the hall has a kitchen with suitable equipment and crockery.

Option 3: Again, hire a church hall for both the breakfast and evening reception. When it comes to food just make it a pot luck breakfast and ask guests to bring 1 dish along with them. You may want to allocate them a food type (starter, main or desert) to ensure you get a balanced selection.

DIY Stationary & Decorations

Both vintage and shabby chic trends lend themselves to a bit of DIY. By creating your invitations and decorations yourself you can save yourself a fortune. Gather together all of your friends and family members with a creative streak and steady hand and get started.Invites

Invitations: Many card and stationary shops now sell pre-printed wedding invites and save the date cards.  Paperchase are currently doing a range of lace themed laser cut invites at £10 for 10. This works out to an incredibly reasonable £1 per card.

Place Cards: Grab yourself a large butterfly or love heart shaped paper punch from e-bay for around £10. Write your guests names on the cut out shapes and pop them in their wineglasses for a cheap yet striking place card.

Order of Service: Instead of printing a full order of service why not just print a hymn/song sheet. A friend, family member or even your office will have a high quality printer that you could use to do this.

Bunting: Bunting is extremely popular at the moment and will help to transform any space. Luckily paper bunting is incredibly easy to make and affordable due to you only really needing to buy paper and ribbon.

Table Decorations: Forget the huge floral displays that zap your budget and say hello to things like books, tin cans, glass jars, apples and lollipops  You will be able to buy an assortment of old books from your local charity shop for just a few pounds, glass jars and tins can be saved for free from your kitchen and apples can be bought by the bag for not much at all. Alternatively   incorporating some kind of sweets into your centerpiece you will save on the additional cost of favours.

Music: Ditch the DJ and use your iPod during the breakfast and evening reception. In your invitations you could ask guests to R.S.V.P with their favorite songs and use these to create a killer playlist. Ask one of the wedding party to act as an M.C when announcements need to be made.

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