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01 April 2014

Wedding Table Numbers

Having trouble deciding what table numbers to have for your wedding? This is probably a part that you’ve overlooked, so I’ve written up some points for you to follow to help you create your dream wedding numbers!

Decide on your table names/numbers first: The list is endless! Whether you want to name your tables after song lyrics, chocolate bars, action heroes, memorable dates or places of importance, the decision is entirely up to you. You can be as inventive and creative as you like, or even stick to good old ascending numbers!

Make sure the font is clear and legible to read: This is to avoid confusion amongst your guests; especially if you have invited lots of people. Its little things like this which helps the day run much more smoothly and ensures that everything will stick to schedule.

Make sure the table names/numbers are in keeping in style with your other wedding stationery: All aspects of your wedding should tie in together and compliment rather than clash and look out of place.

Decide how to display your numbers: Again, there is an endless way to do this. Some of my favourites are chalk boards, flower vases, candles and frames. Have a look at some examples I’ve put together above to get some inspiration!

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