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22 February 2016

Top 6 Things to Release at Your Wedding

What? Oh, ‘release’ like you’d release doves?
Okay so now you’re thinking about things you’d release at a wedding. Does that even mean anything? Well, yes, actually. It’s long been a tradition to release symbolic entities into the heavens on your wedding day to reflect this milestone in your life. The classic is doves, but maybe you want to be a little more unique? If so, here are six things you can release on your wedding to give it an extra flavour.
Doves actually...
OK, so I’ve immediately backtracked. But doves are the standard! They’re an awesome symbol of your union and can create great photo opportunities at the same time. Usually, White Homing Pigeons (doves are pigeons, alright?) are your best bet to match the white of your/your wife-to-be’s wedding dress. There can be issues with regard to animal cruelty with dove releasing – so make sure you do your research! Always look for Homing Pigeons so the birds won’t become lost and disorientated and avoid Fantail Doves, which lack a homing instinct. Actually, we’ll do the research for you. Here are a couple of dove companies:
Dog for your wedding?
Why not hire puppies for your special day? It’s unique, a great photo opportunity and loads of fun. Obviously you’d need a lot of preparation beforehand but it’s doable! What kind of dog you choose is up to you – I initially thought Golden Labradors (they’re sort of white when they’re younger) but you might not want your wedding looking like an Andrex advert. Or maybe that’s your theme. It’s your wedding. 
You can find plenty of dog hire sites online.
Build me up butterflies
What better way to symbolise your metamorphosis into one soul than a release of dozens of majestic butterflies? Poetic, right? There are tonnes of options with butterflies – from tiny ones to huge Monarchs – so it’s probably best to mix it up. Why not match them to your colour scheme? Again, make sure the butterflies are treated properly – do your research!
The Kraken
"I have a very special set of wedding planning skills..."
It turns out I’m neither as funny nor original as I thought I was. The ‘Release the Kraken!’ joke at your wedding has been done. But I still wanted to get it in here. I’ve looked into how you would contact Mr. Liam Neeson, the man to whom this quote is attributed, but he seems relatively difficult to get a hold of (not like the former members of Blue). Maybe you could have Wrath of the Titans playing on a loop? Or a fancy dress wedding? Yeah, it’s a tough sell – although a beach wedding in Greece...
Again, more ethical issues. What is it with releasing stuff and rules? Well, bar the Kraken, he doesn’t play by anybody’s rules. Nevertheless, balloons (back on topic) need to be biodegradable to keep this release within the parameters of a clear conscious wedding. Balloons are great for kids, who love them, and adults – they also love them. White is the obvious choice for colouring, but you can mix it up and match it to your colour scheme. 
An Album
A nice day for a white wedding
Bear with me. Sounds like another joke entry, right? Not so! Book yourself and your groomsmen/bridal party into a recording studio and get singing! What a great way to tickle your guests give out a self released album to all in attendance! Obvious choices for track listing: Billy Idol’s White Wedding, Marry You by Bruno Mars and Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours. Less advisable: Beyonce’s Single Ladies, anything by The Smiths or The Prodigy’s Smack My Bitch Up
Honourable Mentions: Englebert Humperdink, ‘My Body’, your Pokémon

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