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25 November 2013

The Beauty of a White Wedding

I absolutely love a white winter wedding. I mean, marrying on a hazy summer’s day, with blue skies, the sun on your skin and blooms everywhere definitely has its charm. But there’s something amazingly magical about an intimate white wedding in the midst of winter. It’s a little akin to a snow-globe, the ethereal beautiful calm centre that sparkles as the snow flurries and then settles around it.

There’s an ethereal, enchanted beauty about it.  The candles’ illuminating glow as the last of the short day’s light fades, the fairy-lights twinkling, white lace, frost sparkling like a thousand diamonds, cheeks rosy from the cold, the fresh crisp air dense with love and romance and a roaring fire burning inside. Do you see why winter weddings are such amazing affairs?

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