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19 February 2015

10 of the Weirdest Wedding Venues

Zoos, lighthouses and dinosaur museums might seem like typical daytrip destinations but in fact they are just a few of the most unusual destinations couples are choosing to say their wedding vows. There’s also the couple choosing to marry in outer space and a pair of diving enthusiasts who married whilst being circled by sharks. Here are ten wedding locations that guests wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

Outer space. Imagine this, you and the man/woman of your dreams pledging your undying love for each other but instead of being surrounded by friends and family you are saying your vows in outer space with just two guests and a limited amount of time before you have to return to Earth. While some couples might have a very unique colour scheme to set their big day apart from the multitude of other weddings, one couple has booked onto Virgin Galactic’s maiden commercial flight into space to say their vows.

Underwater wedding. If you and your spouse-to-be are diving enthusiasts then an underwater wedding may be the only way to go. Dorota Bankowska and James Abbott married in a in a 1.5 million litre seawater divers' training tank at Fort William, Scotland. In America couples can arrange an underwater wedding for up to 75 guests and the bride and groom can hear each other through the aid of OTS Full Face Mask technology. Underwater wedding planners, Pro Dive USA, even arrange for underwater music, photography and videography. 

Railway station. Modern movies like Love Actually exhibit the romantic enchantment of airports, but it is train stations which embody old world romance. You only have to think of the scene in Anna Karenina when Wronsky and Anna first meet and feelings of passion and love and romance are evoked. Therefore it’s only natural that one of the top unusual wedding destinations is a train station. London’s St Pancras Station is licensed for weddings and Horse Bridge Station in Hampshire is a former train station now restored Grade two listed site.

Zoo. Zoos are among the wilder of places to get married, couples who are animal lovers have plenty of UK zoos to choose from to say their vows and hold their receptions. Chester Zoo, Edinburgh Zoo, Twycross Zoo and Dartmoor Zoo all offer ceremonies and couples can pose for wedding photos with everything from giraffes to elephants.

Icehotel, Swedish Lapland. While some brides may opt for a Frozen themed wedding dress or an Elsa-inspired hair style, others choose to go all out by marrying at an actual hotel made of ice. The Icehotel, in northern Sweden, is built from snow and ice every year and couples can marry in the hotel’s Ice Church, opened on Christmas Day each year before melting into the river every spring.  Newlyweds get to spend their first night as man and wife lying atop reindeer skins in a sleeping bag made for two. The Northern Lights may even put on a show! 

Shark aquarium. A pair of diving enthusiasts embarked on their own unique version of an underwater wedding in 2010, surrounded by sharks and watched by 75 onlookers peering through the glass at New York’s Atlantis Marine World

Great Wall of China. For a wedding with a wow factor, choosing a venue that is visible from space certainly is one way to plan a day that will be out of this world. If the wall could speak it may tell you one of the countless love stories it has witnessed over the years, for example Meng Jiangnu’s tears in mourning of her dead husband to such an extent that part of the wall collapsed. It is no surprise then that couples choose this special location to pledge their love for one another and so bind their own stories to the Wall. The wedding ceremony is performed on the roof top of the Commune villas.

Tree House at Loch Goil. For an unusual, intimate wedding location that evokes memories of childhood, brides and grooms can marry in a Scottish treehouse with enough room for just 24 people.  With beautiful views of the lake and mountains, couples also receive the assistance of an on-hand wedding planner to arrange. This picturesque location is marked as “the perfect setting for a relaxed, intimate wedding” by

Dinosaur museum. You cannot help but think this location would be perfect for one of Ross Geller’s Friends’ weddings, but at the Great North Museum in Newcastle couples can tie the knot in the ferocious shadow of a T Rex. If dinosaurs aren’t your thing you can always choose to say your vows with the backdrop of ancient Egyptian mummies, - all the museum’s rooms and galleries are fully licensed for you to say your vows. 

Lighthouse. With gorgeous views of the English Channel the Dungeness Lighthouse will only hold 30 people – making it perfect for a unique but intimate wedding. It’s also surprisingly reasonable at around £400 per wedding. Guests can choose between the gallery level and bridge level but any artificial materials like confetti or rice is strictly not allowed inside or outside the lighthouse and on the Dungeness Estate and there are no bathrooms onsite so portaloo toilets would need to be hired in. 

From top: A St Pancras wedding, a tree house wedding location

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