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04 December 2014

Ten things to remember when buying wedding shoes


Where you are getting married will have an impact on what shoes you wear. If you’re having an outdoor wedding then wedges or kitten heels would work really well whereas stilettos may end up digging into soft ground. If you’re having a beach wedding flat sandals will probably not only suit the terrain but also work with your dress and some historic venues do not allow stilettos so be sure to check this before buying that special pair.



Take your selected shoes to dress fittings so your dress can be tailored to the perfect length. At the very least, know your heel height ahead of fittings.



Try to buy your wedding day shoes as well in advance as possible. Wear them in on carpeted surfaces so they mould to your feet ahead of your big day. Also figure out any ‘problem’ areas, common areas include the heel where the shoes may rub and cause discomfort and the balls of your feet which may ache after a little wear. Both these can be solved with plasters, pads for the balls and heel grips, knowing ahead of the day will give you time to prepare.



You may think wedding shoes need to be white, ivory or nude. You’re wrong. Your shoes can be whatever colour you wish, especially if your dress covers the shoes for the most part, or if you don’t mind a splash of colour or it fits with your colour scheme. If there is a pair of coloured shoes you’re pining for but can’t justify spending so much money on for no special reason, there’s no reason why you can’t buy them for one of the most special days of all.



Unlike your wedding dress which will be worn just once, the shoes are something that can serve you well forever. With this in mind choose shoes you love and know you will wear again. Classic styles in nudes or other neutrals can be worn with so much after your weddings. If you’ve always wanted to splash out on a special pair of Jimmy Choos or Louboutins then what better occasion that your wedding? High-street brands also do gorgeous wear-again-and-again shoes, Kurt Geiger in particular does some gorgeous styles.



If you never wear heels more than a couple of inches high hen your wedding day is not the occasion to do so for the first time. If you’re not used to stilettos you will not enjoy wearing them for your wedding day. If you’re set on wearing super-high heels then invest in a cheaper pair way in advance of your big day and wear them repeatedly – around the house and out – to ensure you are completely comfortable in them ahead of wearing a pair for your wedding. Do bear in mind that you will be in your shoes for the ceremony, post-ceremony photos, reception and you’ll also be dancing in them, so be sensible.



If your shoes are hidden under your dress then there’s no reason you can’t have back-up shoes to ease the pain. Wedges are fantastic for this and you should be able to find a pair close to your shoe heel height so the dress falls perfectly. You can change into the more comfortable pair for post-ceremony photos and for part of the reception if your feet require.



The very last thing you want to do is be focusing too much on how your feet feel on your walk down the aisle. Practice walking in your shoes long before the day.



Before the big day treat your feet to a massage and pedicure so your feet are pampered before holding you up all day!



These are the shoes that will carry you down the aisle to the love of your life. They will adorn your feet on one of the most special days of your life. Shopping for them should be fun and enjoyable! 

Clockwise from top left:

Kurt Geiger Bond 

Kurt Geiger Britton

Dune Dockilies

Christian Louboutin Flo Glitter

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