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09 December 2015

Something Blue

Something old? Easy. Something new? Simple. Something borrowed? No sweat. Something blue? This is where it can get a little tough. Sure, you can go for a subtle blue stone like topaz in your jewellery but if you want something a little more creative, read on and let our resident male wedding geek, Joe, spill all.

Traditionally, as a bride-to-be you'll need to be wearing each of the four “somethings”. But to hell with tradition! Here are four ways to get ‘something blue’ into your wedding with a little twist. We'll try and keep it a tad more sensible than an episode of Don't Tell The Bride, but we're not making any promises...


Blue Roses


We'll start off seriously. Blue roses are by far one of the most alluring flowers – they symbolise mystery and a longing to ‘obtain the unobtainable’. There's something surreal about them – they're not supposed to exist in nature but they're unique and they're elegant, a perfect analogy for any bride-to-be. They're multi-faceted as well. Whether utilised as centre pieces at the reception, a subtle corsage to keep it traditional or even using the petals to lead the guests around the venue, you can really use your imagination. You can make them yourself too – simply get a bunch of white roses, snip the stems and leave them to soak up some blue food colouring (in place of water in the vase). Simple!


Blue Peter



OK a little bit far-fetched, but bear with us. The Blue Peter idea is a practical one disguised as something quirky – it's to keep the kids entertained. Weddings can be very tedious for children, so it makes sense to have a theme that keeps them occupied. Stock your reception with arts and crafts items - glitter, glue, card etc. all to your weddings colour scheme. Then have the kids create party hats and masquerade style masks for the guests! Fun, practical, unique and keeps the little ones out of trouble on the big day. An obvious down side is the mess – but, hey, you'll be on your honeymoon before the clean-up operation even starts!


Blue Nails


A more obvious choice and a simple way to incorporate blue into your wedding look – blue nail varnish. We'd suggest a lighter shade so as not to clash too heavily with the white of your dress. Something like Azure or Alice Blue would work. Alice Blue could also lead to other subtle themes – a wonderland wedding? We wouldn't suggest full-on rabbit holes and Mad Hatter Tea Parties, but nuanced references will be like little Easter Eggs for your more observant guests. This OPI baby blue polish is a wonderful choice  as is this pretty Essie polish.




The boy band. Yep. The boy band. Why not? You can literally book Simon Webbe for DJ sets – there's not a single one of your friends who could top that! People would be talking about your wedding for years afterwards. Get onto Twitter and mention the lads in some of your wedding tweets – often celebs will at least respond with a goodwill message and with Blue you'll quadruple your chances! Of course you could always hire a tribute band – Green? Maybe just stick to having One Love as your first dance song.

Ultimately you don’t have to adopt traditions you don’t want, and you can absolutely be as creative as you want with the ones you do. You can use your imagination and get creative when you’re thinking of every detail – feel free to think outside the box and add those little touches that make your wedding uniquely ‘you’. The ‘something blue’ idea is great – it allows for so much room to flesh out your wedding if done right and can give you a chance to be creative without the pressure of being taken too seriously.

Honourable mentions which didn't make the top four: Blue Rinse, Blue Velvet, Bluetooth, Bear in the Big Blue House and the Blue Man Group!

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