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05 November 2014

solo weddings: A wedding without a marriage

Wedding trends, like any trends, come and go. Recently we’ve seen coloured wedding dresses, first look photo shoots, photo booths and naked cakes all seep in to the mainstream wedding world. One wedding trend which has emerged in Japan but hopefully won’t be making its way across Europe and to our doorstep? Solo weddings for single women.

Allow me to elaborate. Women who want a special day with all the trimmings (except the marriage part) buy a package which includes dress fittings, bouquet selection, having their bridal hair and make-up done and getting to select a rent-a-groom for wedding photos. Cera Travel, the company behind this innovative scheme says the packages are aimed at single women who want to enjoy a wedding day without the issue of commitment or the inconvenience of finding a groom and at divorced women who want a happier ending.

Essentially it’s a wedding without a marriage, which is akin to a sumptuous meal without a dessert course, or the most invigorating workout without a post-workout shower, or wearing the most divine perfume without having showered in days, or using the prettiest shade of lipstick on dry and chapped lips.

Weddings are beautiful days and the planning can be so, so much fun. Ideally it is a day filled with all your favourite things - from the most beautiful flowers to your dream dress and delicious food – and your favourite people. There might be dress fitting which’ll be hours and hours of fun, cake tastings, food tastings, hen nights and bridal showers, honeymoon planning (and shopping). And you can have the best time doing all of this. The crescendo of the piece however is that you get to declare your undying, eternal love for the man/woman of your dreams, who stirs in you such a powerful, yet comforting, feeling of love that you cannot imagine your life without them. All the planning is done with the knowledge in mind that at the end of that special day you get to begin a whole new life with the love of your life.

Sometimes weddings can seem a little frivolous (we have to wonder if it really matters precisely what cutlery is chosen) but we forgive them because of the knowledge that the bride/groom in question are only going slightly crazy because of their desire to have the most perfect day on which to celebrate their love. And that is what is missing with these ‘solo wedding packages’ – love, because ultimately it doesn’t matter how beautiful the dress or divine the bouquet, without the vital ingredient that is love none of it matters. Happily the reverse is also true, if you are in love and marrying the man or women of your dreams, you will want the perfect everything, but ultimately ‘everything’ is just details.


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