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28 October 2014

Should you re-wear a dress for your wedding?

After stunning in a breathtakingly divine Oscar de la Renta gown for her Venice wedding to George Clooney, this weekend Amal carried off a gold sequined strapless Donna Karan for a UK wedding reception. The issue? She wore this same gown to a movie premiere earlier this year, somewhat echoing Keira’s worn-before wedding dress, igniting a debate over whether it’s okay to not wear a brand new dress bought or designed especially for one’s special day.

Some may argue that as A-List royalty surely Amal could have invested in a new dress? Others may laud her thriftiness. Me? I say bear in mind Amal has already adorned herself in a beautiful gown designed by one of the most talented dress makers of his generation, the value of which is probably more than most people would spend on their entire wedding. I’d also suggest we keep in mind that during her wedding celebrations Mrs Clooney has debuted a floral Giambattista Valli mini dress and a sleek cream Stella McCartney trouser suit which just screamed Jackie O. So it’s not like she didn’t get the ‘new outfit feeling’.

Keira Knightley made an awesome point talking about not buying a specific ‘wedding dress’, telling the Telegraph:  “It was my something old. And I liked not making a big deal about it. I just wanted to be in something I had had a great time in, something I would have a great time in again.” Clothes, certain clothes, have this way of evoking emotions in the wearer, memories seem to attach themselves to garments and thread themselves through them. Chances are you remember clothes from certain parts of your life – your first night out, your first kiss, the first time you met someone special, the first day of the job you love. Sometimes it just takes being in a certain outfit to recall all those delightful memories, they were attached to Keira’s Chanel, and maybe to Amal’s Doona Karan, and so I do think there’s something special about wearing something you’ve already worn for your special day.

Of course, just like Amal, Keira is used to debuting beautiful new dresses, a luxury not afforded to most brides-to-be. Chances are if you’re ever going to spend an eye watering amount on a beautiful dress, it’ll be your wedding dress. Very few other occasions call for a breath-taking Vera Wang or a stunning Jenny Packham. Of course a wedding isn’t about the money you spend or the label on the dress, it’s about what is important to you.

You see, sometimes two people fall completely and utterly in love, they bare the darkest parts of their soul and all their annoying habits to that person and receive love and acceptance regardless – and in turn return it. They label this love and that person their soul mate. Then sometimes they make the decision to throw what is effectively a very special party and declare this love to everyone they know and love and label this a wedding. They make it a beautiful day and if they are lucky manage to fill it with everything that is important to them. For some brides that will include a specific dress, perhaps by a specific designer. For others it’ll be certain flower arrangements or a special venue. So you see, whether a bride chooses to invest in a new dress or prefers to re-wear, that choice is hers and hers alone.

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