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20 May 2014

Reasons Grace Kelly RoKs

More than half a century after her ‘wedding of the century’ to Monaco’s Prince Rainier III, Grace Kelly still remains, in my book, one of the most beautiful brides that ever was. Everything  about her on her wedding day radiated beauty, elegance and  charm. Her bridal gown, complete with intricate lace appliqué bodice, delicate veil and two petticoats even has its own Wikipedia page. Today there are designer bags, songs and movies dedicated to her. Here’s why I think she RoKs:

She was just an ordinary Philadelphian girl who fell in love with a boy. Who happened to be a European blue-blood Prince. And she married him and became a princess and they lived happily ever after. A real life fairy-tale for sure, but beneath all the ceremonial titles she acquired, beyond the fact that she went from commoner to princess is the simple fact that she was just a girl who loved a boy, and I think that’s pretty romantic.

She was normal. She loved gardening. She’d often go bereft of make-up. She could afford to drive any car but would opt for London taxis. She told saucy Limericks. And she was a Princess.

She was a style icon. In an elegant but understatedly sexy, womanly kinda way. From the capri pants and white shirt at Cannes to the divine mint green dress by American costume designer Edith Head to the Oscars, Grace Kelly always looked chic and stylish. Always. She even has a Hermes bag named after her.

She re-wore. Kate Middleton is often praised for re-wearing outfits but Grace Kelly was about half a decade ahead of Kate. That gorgeous green dress she wore to the Oscars? She wore the same dress to the premiere of her movie, The Country Girl.

She was a hands-on, normal mother. She was very protective over her children, saying: 'The sometimes inquisitive and unhealthy interest that the media show in us is often the source of childish anxieties that are hard to allay. I do everything I can to protect my children from them.'

She was self-depreciating and didn't take herself too seriously, despite being incredibly beautiful, a Hollywood icon and a Princess. She once joked: 'When Ava Gardner gets in a taxi, the driver knows at once she's Ava Gardner. It's the same for Lana Turner or Elizabeth Taylor, but not for me. I'm never Grace Kelly. I'm always someone who looks like Grace Kelly.'

All in all Grace Kelly was amazingness personified. Not that I have a girl-crush or anything.

Image: Chic Vintage Brides


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