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16 December 2014

Meet the Proposal Planner...

We talk to Daisy Amodio, founder of The Proposers, a service for those wanting to pop the question to their other half but wanting a little help in planning the perfect proposal. She and her team help to plan and execute exciting, extravagant and romantic proposals and she also has her own TV show. 

Why do people need a proposal planner, is going down on one knee no longer enough?

Not everyone does need a planner. Some people just want to get down on one knee and that’s okay. Everyone is different and what they want is also different - a creative proposal isn’t for everyone. But I would say bear in mind that the memory of a proposal will last forever, the key is to just make it personal, some people do this themselves and others choose to use a little help, so all they need worry about is saying those four famous words.

Times have changed and the first thing couples do when they get engaged is put a picture straight on social media – sometimes before telling their friends and family. Proposals have almost turned into a bit of a competition, just like weddings. You’ll always want the best wedding; well now you can have the most personalised, unique proposal there can be.


So, what is your favourite ever proposal?

I think that honour goes to one of my first ever clients. What we do is we take the client through a series of questions about their other half and their relationship and then come up with some really unique and personalised ideas.

The woman in question was a PA but also an aspiring artist. So this is what we did: Due to her love of art we hired out a secret venue along the Thames and then stalked her on Pinterest to find out what she likes. We made a fake flyer to a fake art gallery which we sent to her. When she turned up for the exhibition there were ten canvases in the room and each had paintings personal to her (such as painting of a penguin as she loves penguins) Her nickname is ‘Cups’ and so we had lots of vintage tea cups everywhere filled with flowers.

When she got to the last canvas, it had velvet draped over it and when it was removed it had one of her own designs – a heart from her Pinterest page with a ‘will you marry me’ inside. The man then got down on one knee and presented her with a ring.


What is the craziest thing you’ve ever had to do as part of the planning process?

Next week I’m organising a proposal in a cave and I have to abseil through a waterfall, with 1000 candles, get to the cave and light all 1000 candles ready for the couple to get there! I’ve also had to learn to dive and ski for previous proposals. I recently planned a birthday party for which I had to fly in 1000 rainbow rose petals from Thailand and also created a dancing flash mob in Times Square!


Tell us about your favourite Christmas proposal…

One year we arranged for there to be a Christmas tree in Hyde Park with very personal decorations, such as baubles with photos of the couple. When they got to the tree, the girl noticed the decorations and under the tree was a set of presents (of course one being the ring).


Christmas is one of the most popular times of the year to get propose, how does one make a proposal special and unique?

You just have to put a little bit of thought into the proposal if you want to be different from all the other proposals. Just be a little more creative. Think about what your partner likes and what is meaningful to you as a couple.


Any other tips on proposing?

Personalise it – make it all about your partner, their favourite places, experiences, hobbies, and their personality. A public proposal might not be for everyone but some will love a flash-mob in the middle of Times Square! Also be careful of proposing in front of friends and family, you may want to get a ‘yes’ before letting your family in on it. Lastly, capture it on camera – he/she may not remember the proposal and it would be a shame if they weren’t able to relive it.


What is your favourite thing about being a proposal planner?

Definitely the ‘yes’ moment! In my job I’m really lucky in that I get to share in people’s happiest moments.


You’re married, Daisy, how were you proposed to?

I had always said I wanted a private proposal. My other half text me saying the house was a mess and I needed to get home to help tidy as his parents were coming over. When I got home, the house was pitch black, the hallway was covered with rose petals and a trail of candles which led to the rooftop where there was a sign saying ‘Is this how you pictured our future?’ I opened the door to find him fully suited surrounded by lanterns, candles and flowers.  He got down on one knee and proposed, and then whisked me off to a country hotel. And the next day he treated me to a manicure as he knew I’d want to show off my ring. It was thoughtful and tailored to me – just what a proposal should be!


You play such a significant part in a couple’s engagement, what happens after your client gets a ‘yes’?

Some people don’t like to share that we helped, they like their other half to think it was all them! Sometimes when the one who has been proposed to finds out our role they can become really overwhelmed and contact us to thank us and even invite us to their wedding – I’m actually going to a wedding in India of a couple whose proposal I planned. I’ve also planned a birthday party for a couple who we’d organised a proposal for, and sometimes their weddings too!

Clockwise from top left:

Daisy's favourite proposal to date

First-ever proposal and first ever 'yes'

The beautiful setting of a secret venue along the Thames

Daisy Amodio

A Flashmob proposal

Daisy with the happy couple

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