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26 May 2014

Love and Romance: Found in the Simple or Extravagant?

From proposing on top of the Eiffel Tower (Tom and Kate), to popping the question in front of a 50-piece orchestra (Kanye and Kim) and in a specially made igloo on top of a 14,000 ft glacier (Seal and Heidi), celebrity proposals can be a little, ‘extravagant’. Not so George Clooney who proposed to his now-fiancée, Amal Alamuddin, over a dinner he cooked for her at his home. 

So what is more ‘romantic’, lavish, scripted to the ‘t’, proposals or good old fashioned, sweet, simple, going down on one knee in private? For me the latter wins every time. 

Re-reading the intro to this blog, the three proposals mentioned definitely stand out. Paris is so often referred to ‘The City of Romance’ and a proposal overlooking the gorgeous city definitely would not be lacking in romance. Being proposed to in front of one’s family and friends, on one’s birthday, with a crescendo of pretty fireworks would be very memorable. Being flown to the top of a 14,000 ft glacier to a specially made igloo with rose petals and candles everywhere would be special.

But there’s something genuine and ‘real’ about George’s unpretentious proposal. It’s like he’s saying he and Amal don’t need all the superfluous frivolities which have come to be associated with marriage proposals in the day of celebrity and reality TV, which I think is actually very beautiful.

I’m by no means the world’s most romantic girl or anything but I figure when you meet someone you actually feel like spending the rest of your life with then you don’t need romantic monuments or 50-piece orchestras or igloos. The acknowledgement that the person you love also wants to spend the rest of their life with you is romantic enough.

So often when girls tell their friends they’re newly engaged the first question, along with ‘let’s see the ring!’ is ‘how were you proposed to?’ And often nothing short of extravagance will placate. I think it’s largely down to the proposals we see on TV and read about in magazines. I mean telling your friend you were proposed to during a romantic walk in the country or over dinner may seem tame in comparison to the apparent ‘romance’ she’s witnessed on last night’s TOWIE.

But strip away the red roses and chocolates and 15-carat diamonds and trips to romantic cities and what’s left is the love two people have for one another, love that one of them is brave enough to declare to be enough for he/she to want to marry the other. That to me is ‘love’ and completely transcends any materialistic show of ‘romance’.  


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