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19 September 2015

Instagram Sensation Kaisa Keranen's Guide to Wedding Fitness: Eat, Move and Feel Amazing

Kaisa Keranen (above) is one half of Instagram's top fitness duos, Two Bad Bodies (with more than 250k followers), and has had her workout videos appear on Vogue's website. We caught up with her to talk about how brides can look and feel amazing for their wedding days.

You always look like you’re having SO much fun whilst you’re working out – how is that possible?

Because I truly enjoy moving. I grew up playing sports and so movement has always been a big part of my life. The simple truth is that I feel much better when I move so I try to make it a daily habit.

I don't put time frames on my workouts or follow some crazy program; my goal is simply to move at least 30 minutes every day in whatever capacity that may be. Sometimes my movement of the day is grabbing a friend and taking a walk, other days it’s a fitness class or even cleaning. Whatever I feel inspired (or sometimes least unmotivated) to do I do it!

Another important thing is that I don't work out to look a certain way; I work out to feel a certain way. To me, health is a feeling not a look and I think that that mentality keeps me inspired and motivated. I don't watch the scale and I try not to be judgmental about my body, instead I focus on how good I feel when I take care of myself and that positive feeling is something I strive to achieve daily rather than a number on the scale. This mentality has come from years of training and it's not something that can be achieved over night.

The truth of the matter is that when I was training my hardest and I exteriorly ‘looked my best’ I felt awful. I was critical about every part of my body, judgmental about my performance (or lack thereof) in my sport and never really felt satisfied with myself. These days I focus on listening to my body, making sure that I enjoy what I'm doing when I'm moving and most importantly that I feel good doing it.

How can a bride-to-be look and feel great in her body?

Looking good is all about feeling good. If you feel good in your own skin it comes pouring out of you. In my opinion the way you look to the outside world is just a reflection of how you feel about yourself.

As cliché as it sounds, nothing radiates brighter than a woman who walks into a room, owns every inch of herself and her body and truly feels comfortable in her own skin. You can feel the love that that woman has for herself and in turn she is beautiful. It's not because she has a small waist or perfectly toned legs, it’s because she accepts herself for who she is.

I just don't believe in working out and dieting to look a certain way, it’s not sustainable nor is it healthy. I think our goal should be to move daily, eat healthy as often as you can and work on accepting your body and yourself because the truth of the matter is you simply cannot change genetics. We're not all born to look the same therefore this ideal image of beauty we have in our mind can be achieved by very few. It's time to change our definition of beautiful and its starts by accepting yourself.

How can women sculpt their bodies without the use of machinery or a gym-membership?

The biggest suggestion I have for getting in shape for your wedding is to simply start moving more than you are right now. Any change in your daily routine will create a positive change in your body so up your goal to daily movement and very healthy eating habits.

You don't need any special equipment to get in shape, just your body is enough! I would highly suggest keeping your workouts fun and fresh by changing it up as much as you can. Get a friend to join you in the journey, try out some group fitness classes in your area and make sure to have eating healthy as one of your top priorities!

Try to remind yourself that this is an incredible time in your life and worrying about looking absolutely perfect for your special day takes a lot of joy out of the process. You are beautiful, your partner loves you and your wedding day will incredible! Enjoy the journey.

What are your three-tips for brides-to-be who want to achieve a certain body look before their wedding?

My three tips in order of importance are:

1. Look in the mirror and start accepting the person you are and the body you have.

2. Eat! Eat healthy, home cooked meals as much as possible. Ridiculous diets and fads will not only have you moody for wedding planning, they are simply not healthy.

3. Move daily! Make it a goal to move at least 30+ minutes every day. It doesn't mean you are at the gym every day; movement can be a hike or a deep cleaning around the house. Get your heart rate up every single day.

What three items would you take to a dessert island?

This is a great question and a very difficult one!  I would probably have to say an endless supply of La Croix sparkling water, Trader Joe's plantain chips and my eggs. Three things I absolutely can't live without. Clearly food is my priority on this deserted island.

Check out Kaisa's fab work out videos on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

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