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03 February 2014

Ideas For Spicing Up Your Send-off

It’s the end of your perfect day and you are walking hand in hand towards the car, you are happy but what about your guests? Can’t seem to find any inspiration on what they could do to help make it an extra special send off? Here are some tried and tested ideas for you to consider.

Waving - DIY Ribbons, Wedding Wands and Celebration Flags

You can make these very easily at home (if you have the time) or buy them. Bought ones normally come with a bespoke message printed on the ribbon. They also double up as gifts for your guests to take away with them once the ceremony is over. It’s a great way to get your guests involved and doesn’t have the same level of mess that confetti leaves behind. If you aren’t a fan of ribbons and want something a bit different then why not try celebration wands or flags.

Throwing  - Petals, Paper Planes Or Themed Items

You could stick to the conventional paper confetti but if you wanted to try something a little bit Themed Wedding Confettidifferent, you should consider getting your guests to throw flower petals. This is an adorable way to end your ceremony. Whether you are a flower lover or you just want something romantic and aromatic to be thrown at your send off, rose petals or lavender would be a great choice and can really add to the moment as well as producing stunning pictures.

Bubbles are another great confetti alternative that can be blown by your guests as you walk by with your other half. There are some companies that will produce little personalised bottles for your wedding and the pictures will look fantastical. .

One final idea is to ask guests throw something that ties in with your theme. So if you were having a beach wedding for example your guests could send you off with some mini beach balls or for a pink themed wedding they could throw miniature pink pompoms. Alternatively there is always the humble paper plane!

Lighting It Up - Glow-Sticks and Sparklers

Glow-sticks seem like an unusual choice for a bride and groom send-off but they do lend themselves to some quirky and memorable photographs.

Not wanting the club rave look of a glow stick? Then why not try the sparkler? They are a more hands on option than fireworks and create magical looking photos!

Another alternative would be asking guests to light sky lanterns once your reception is over. It’s a great way to get your guests involved and fill the night sky with light and love!

The send-off is very often overlooked when it comes to wedding planning. Whatever you choose, make sure it is the perfect end to the perfect day!

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