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03 September 2013

How To Choose Your Wedding Colour Scheme

When it comes to planning your wedding, I think the first and most important decision to make is the colour/theme of your big day. It’s amazing how many other aspects will be affected by this, so choose wisely! Below are a few points I think are crucial to bear in mind when coming to a decision:

The time of the year – Typically, light and vibrant colours are associated with the summer months, and deeper, warmer shades with the winter ones.

Colours which are readily available – Choosing a very unique shade will prove more difficult to find when shopping for bits and bobs for your wedding. Typical colours will be more abundant on the high street than something more unusual, so bear that in mind.

Colours which don’t clash with your venue – Take some time to get familiar with the decor of the venue you’ve picked, particularly the foyer, reception rooms and the bar area. Pick a colour which will compliment rather than conflict.

What mood would you like to create? – Delicate, light pastel shades give more of a romantic feel whereas bolder and brighter colours are more fun and playful. If you want something elegant, try gold, silver or classic cream.

Colours which suit you – Your chosen colour will surround you all day long, so choose one which will suit your skin tone and the colour of your hair so you look fabulous in photographs!

Ultimately, chose a colour you like! – If you have your heart set on a shade, then nothing should stop you choosing it! It’s your big day after all.

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