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19 August 2014

How Can I Stick To My Wedding Fitness Plan?

Every woman envisages her wedding day differently from the next, but there is one thing that all brides have in common – to look fantastic! So what better ways to kick start the New Year than putting your health first and fitting comfortably into the dress of your dreams? Have a read though some of my helpful tips and start your health drive today!

Don’t leave it too late!

To properly lose weight you need to eat healthily and exercise for ideally 6 months prior to your big day, although I think it’s never too soon! Crash diets may look appealing but can leave you feeling unenergetic and lethargic and can cause bad skin and gaunt appearances so are best avoided. You should realistically aim to lose 2-3 lbs per week to maintain the weight loss and feel great on the outside as well as the inside.

Workout with friends

Exercising with a friend will keep you highly motivated and less likely to slack! Your bridesmaids, if willing, will make perfect companions. After all, your routine should be fun and not a chore.

Vary your Workout

Exercise doesn’t necessary mean going to the gym at 6am every morning as there are so many varied forms of enjoyable exercise out there.  Mix your routine up by cycling to work on Monday, then attending a Zumba class on Wednesday and finish with a bit of swimming on Fridays to prevent repetition and boredom.  Remember, doing different types of exercises means you are using different groups of muscles throughout your body which will help in all-over conditioning and fitness levels.

Nutrition is Key

Try to eat ‘naturally’ by avoiding processed foods and instead loading your plate with colourful vegetables, salads and lean meats. These will provide you with a range of nutrients for glowing skin, vitality and are also very filling. Vary your meals and plan ahead so you’re not tempted to make poor choices. Keep healthy snacks at your desk or in your handbag to ward off any unnecessary hunger pangs.

Alcohol Consumption

Even though your engagement should be a time of celebration, alcohol is one of the main reasons for unexplained weight gain! Most people are unaware of the ‘hidden’ calories in beer, wine, spirits and sugary cocktails, and are happy to drink to excess not knowing what it is doing to their waistline. Try to cut down on consumption and make the simple change to white spirits and diet mixers/soda if you are drinking.


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