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05 November 2013

Have yourself a perfect honeymoon

After all the stress of planning your perfect day – the sleepless nights, the last minute panics, the dress diet – the honeymoon is a couple’s time to relax, recuperate and begin their married life. So how do you have the perfect honeymoon and not just another holiday?

Well for one thing, it’s so important to make sure you and your partner are on the same page about the type of honeymoon you want – a UK getaway, a city break, an exotic beach location a multiple destination trip? There’s such a plethora of possibilities that there has to be one that works for both of your preferences and your budget. That’s another thing – know your budget and work to it.

As for when to book your honeymoon, the answer is the earlier the better! Most airlines split their seats into two categories, the first category they sell at a slightly cheaper price than the second – this is the category they sell first. So the earlier you book, the more likely you will be able to take advantage of this cheaper price. If you’re a frequent flyer save your points and take advantage!

When picking your destination be sure to check out the weather for that time of year, for example August in the Caribbean is hurricane season whereas while the Whitsundays are a perfect spot for honeymoons due to the secluded white sands and crystal azure waters, May-November is high-risk jellyfish season.

When booking your honeymoon let the hotel know you are celebrating your honeymoon as guests celebrating their honeymoon are often given perks. Many resorts will also do special honeymoon packages you could take advantage of.

One super-important tip is to absolutely buy insurance, this really cannot be stressed enough. There are so many possible circumstances that could occur – from a medical emergency, bad weather, civil unrest - that it’s just not worth the risk.

Planning a honeymoon can and should be so much fun! Looking at travel magazines, reading online travel guides and planning your perfect holiday with your partner will offer you something other than the wedding to focus on – and look forward to after the big day has passed. Whether it’s a no-expenses spared break in the Maldives you’re going to book or a cosy getaway in the Lake District, as long as you make it there with the man or woman of your dreams, it really won’t matter!

Image: Scuba Travel

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