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11 March 2014

Diary of a Bride-to-be: Starting My Wedding Playlist

Our wedding is at least a year away so there is no real rush with a lot of things Jon and I discuss, but one thing we have started is our wedding playlist. Music forms a huge part of our life, Jon has been in various bands and whilst I can’t hold a note or play an instrument, I’m a keen admirer of those who can. So the music we hear on the wedding day is hugely important.

Keep the Linkin Park Coming, Hold the Adele

I have a secret to tell that will probably make me fall out of favour with 99.9% of the world. I cannot stand Adele. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure she is a perfectly lovely person and she clearly has a strong voice, but oh dear me, I do hate her music. It seems an Adele song will worm its way into almost any occasion (I bet an Adele song has been played at a Bat Mitzvah before) but not this one. I’m enforcing an Adele ban.

I do want to cater to a variety of music preferences as I myself have a rather eclectic taste. A typical playlist of mine can jump from Korn to KC and the Sunshine Band and on to a bit of The Kinks seamlessly (or not so seamlessly!).

We are constantly on the search for new music and at least once a week we’ll have a music night where we play each other our latest discoveries. For this reason the older favourites get lost in the ether and therefore may not be remembered when it comes to choosing the wedding playlist.

Good Old Spotify

We’ve now set up a wedding playlist on Spotify so when we listen to a song that one of us will want to listen to on the day it can be stored safely in there. Starting so early means we’ll probably end up with more songs than we’ll have time to play, but I’d rather that than run the risk of some cheeky DJ sneaking in a song I really don’t like.

Getting ahead of the game with our music also means we have plenty of time to refine the list so if there are any we’ve gone off they can be removed in time.

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