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18 June 2014

Diary of a Bride-to-be: Preparing for the First Wedding as an Engaged Person

Recently, we had an invitation through the post to a wedding of Jon’s old school friend. We’ve been invited to the whole day and I’ve never met the couple before – Jon hasn’t actually met the fiancée given that the couple only met a few months back. A whirlwind romance by all accounts. The wedding is in July and I’ve just had my outfit come through (I went all out and plumped for a top and skirt…from Asda, not even from the slighter cooler G21 range, just straight up George – see above) which got me thinking about how maybe I’ll view this wedding in a totally new light.

Past weddings I’ve been to have really been focussed around one thing – enjoying the couple’s special day via the bar and the buffet. I’ve never paid attention to any of the details that the couple must have agonised over such as table décor, the favours, the colour of the chair covers or who was sat where. This wedding however, I have a feeling I’m going to see things pretty differently.

I’ve had a few wedding invitations through over the years and again, never really paid too much attention to them. When this one came through, I scrutinized it. Why did it have her name first and then his after on the front, then vice versa on the inside? Why did they go for that colour, is that a nod to the colour scheme or just a random choice? Why didn’t it say their surnames on it? I needed to know the reasoning behind all of these things.

“WHY?” I demanded that Jon tell me the answer to which, of course, he had no clue and hadn’t noticed any of it.

Now, being like this over an invitation would suggest that I’m going to dissect every facet of the day and obsess over everything. I’m more intrigued than usual to see the kind of dress she has gone for and how many bridesmaids she’s got (I’ve been told recently that my number of bridesmaids is “ludicrous” so I’m keen to find a bride to back me up) heck I’m even interested in what the groom is wearing.

Time to rein it in. Must not judge anyone else’s wedding. It’s mean and bad karma for my wedding. I’ll rock up in my Asda two piece and enjoy the bar and the buffet as per usual, casting only a slightly analytical eye over the table décor. Wish me luck – Bridezilla must not strike again.

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