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20 May 2014

Diary of a Bride-to-be: My First Irrational Bridezilla Moment

My mum text me the other day to say she had purchased her hat for the wedding. There is no date, no venue, no theme, but she’s still gone ahead and bought a hat. We chatted via text for a while about how ridiculous this was and then I guess the wedding was just on the brain when it came to bedtime.

I was Wearing a Medieval Dress

I’m sure the medieval look is some people’s bag, but it ain’t mine so when I looked in the mirror and saw this heady mix of velvet and never ending sleeves I was a little perturbed. I asked myself why I had chosen this, and then just kind of accepted it. It looked a little like this but more poofy. And not a painting.

Nobody Turned Up

Well, some people did, but loads of people didn’t. I was being walked down the aisle by someone who wasn’t my dad and I looked out at empty benches feeling disappointed at the turn out. Everyone was talking about how few people had turned up. I was pretty embarrassed as I looked like billy no mates on my big day.

My Sister Had a Celebrity Date

She had Jon Hamm on her arm (AKA Don Draper, AKA my current celebrity crush) and I had to pretend it was only his character I liked because I’d been banging on about how lovely he was to her for months, only to discover she’d bagged him. It was awkward, mostly because I was meeting my celebrity crush wearing a medieval costume for a wedding dress. If you don’t know what this man looks like, here he is in action.

What does it all Mean?

I know there are dream experts out there that say your dreams don’t directly correlate with your rational (or irrational) thoughts and feelings but this one seems pretty clear cut. I’m worried about the numbers (either that no one will come or there will be too many people on the list to cater for), I’m worried about not looking like a decent bride on the day and I love fictional 60’s bad boy Don Draper.

We have started chatting about the wedding a little more over the last week and my fears regarding my inability to make decisions are creeping in again. I’m sure once something (anything!) is booked I’ll relax a little, but for now I may just have to put up with a few more bizarre dreams.

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