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14 January 2015

How to keep your bridesmaids happy

Bridesmaids are wonderful. They will be there to calm your nerves before you walk down the aisle. The will happily spend hours on the phone to you pre-wedding discussing colour schemes, the type of cutlery that would be best and whether or not to have extra foliage in your wedding bouquet. They’ll sit with you through endless hair and make-up appointments and throw you an amazing bridal shower. So please, please be nice to your bridesmaids. Here’s how:

Firstly remember why you choose the girls you did to be your bridesmaids. Chances are you love and value them, please remember that above all they are your friends and that just because they are your bridesmaids and will ‘attend to you’ (on the day and long before) they are by no means your ‘minions’.

Going on from the last point, no matter how much you hate the pixie hair cut your chief bridesmaid is planning on getting, you cannot tell them not to do it. Totally not your place.

When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, no matter how set you are on a specific style, pay attention to each bridesmaid’s body hang-ups. For example you might want them to wear short dresses, but if you know that one of the maids is very self-conscious about her legs, consider alternatives. It is your big day, but their happiness and comfort is also important. One size does not have to fit all when it comes to bridesmaid dresses.

No matter how much you are stressing over your wedding, don’t forget to be their friend. Ask how they are and mean it, even though you’re busy don’t forget about their lives. Don’t only text or call them when you need them, they might be your bridesmaids but you are their friend.

By the time your wedding day comes around your bridesmaids will have held your hand through tears, soothed your nerves and undoubtedly put up with bridezilla moments, so be sure to thank them appropriately and personally. Put together pamper packs, buy them a special piece of jewellery, write them a personalised card. Whatever you do, it will be appreciated.  

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