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20 November 2015

Bridal Hacks: Putting Your Best Shoe Forward

New shoes, old shoes - pretty shoes in particular - can cause chaos, especially on your wedding day when foot cramp and loss of balance are the last things you need. Does stumbling down the aisle sound like your own personal nightmare come to life? Allow ReadyorKnot to help you on your way to beautiful, yet comfortable, feet.

1) Shrunken Shoes

You tried your gorgeous white wedding sandals on at the store and they fit like a dream. However, once you get home your feet seem to have ballooned three sizes and your toes are being crushed against the sides.
Don’t panic! All that you shall require is a thick pair of socks (or a couple of pairs if you don’t own such industrial foot-cosies) and a hairdryer.

Place your feet into the socks, the socks into the shoes and blast the hot hair of the hairdryer onto the tight areas. Make sure you keep everything on until they’ve all cooled down completely. You may need to repeat the exercise if they’re still too tight, but otherwise this little magic trick should sort out that early panic attack.

2) Slipper Surprises

Your shoes now fit perfectly, but that’s before you’ve taken just two steps down the aisle. You’ve discovered that those slick new soles are surprisingly slippery, and they slide you all the way from your bridal party to your soon-to-be husband, arriving in a crumpled heap. Not quite the fairytale you had imagined.

How does one avoid such a catastrophe? Simply rub sandpaper along the bottom of your shoes to de-slick the surface - problem soled!

3) Stuck in the Mud

From sliding to sinking, if your ideal wedding is set outdoors, or you at least want to snap a few pictures with your guests out in the sun, then you’ll have another issue to combat. We’ve all been there; feeling fabulous until our heels hit the grass and suddenly those pearl white stilettos have been submerged in mud. It’s all you can do to act natural, grin from ear to ear like the cheshire cat, and pretend like you’re not tackling what may as well be quick sand. Your answer:

Your new husband doesn’t have to be your only Solemate on your wedding day, because these little bits of plastic (get your own here) are a life saver for all of your glamorous outdoor pursuits. Phew, crisis averted!


4) Head Over Heels

We’re nearing the end of the evening; you’ve been stuffed full of the food (and a few glasses of fizz) and all you want to do is dance. But, new shoes or not, several hours in and heels and you can barely cross the dance floor without wincing. No need to worry; you are a prepared and together young lady, entering married life with true sophistication, so you have cleverly stowed a pair of flats beneath your seat for such an emergency.

5) Dancing Shoes

You’re finally ready to make your way out onto the dance floor to show off your moves and revel in the glory of your secret shoe stow-away plan. Unfortunately, you’ve arrived and found that all of your guests are mysteriously absent. Guess what? They’ve befallen the same pain you almost encountered, sitting at the sidelines and rubbing their toes with a grimace. To avoid such disappointment, give out flip flops as wedding favours so that you and your guests may boogie the night away, with all shoe-related drama aside.

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