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24 June 2014

An Unashamedly Romantic Post

While reading up on wedding news (part of the daily routine) I came across this story from about a year ago, all about the popularity of wedding blogs and in particular real weddings and how many brides are determined to see their perfect day on a wedding blog.

The article covered aspects of why brides and wedding suppliers love seeing their weddings on a blog but getting to the end of the article there was this comment from a professor of sociology:

“Getting married is a coming down to earth moment. It is what your grandparents did, your parents did, and it is expected of you - so in a symbolic sense it is the resignation that your life isn't going to be as fantastic as you thought it was going to be.

"With that resignation comes a sense of 'I am just going to be like everyone else - if I'm going to go down in flames I want people to know how fabulous it was'."

My initial thought? What a sad why to think of a wedding and of marriage. Finding someone you love so much you want to pledge the rest of your life to being with them – how is that a resignation to a un-fantastic life? Loving a certain person in a way you love no one else and having that man or woman love you back and that bond you have with them is precisely what makes you different from everyone else.

A wedding isn’t a resignation to being just like everyone else. Call me old fashioned or a romantic but a wedding is about love. How many poems and stories are written and movies and shows made about possibly the most over-powering human emotion – love. How many hearts light up with the knowledge they love and are loved in return? How many sets of eyes sparkle catching the eyes of man or woman they share said love with? None of this spells ‘resignation’, and finding and celebrating that love is the essence of a wedding.

Real weddings on blogs are about inspiring brides-to-be. As Annabel Beeforth, of Love My Dress, says: “Detail is important. Brides-to-be want to see that wrist corsage close up, they want to see how those shoes looked with that dress, they want to see that hair style from all angles, they want to see the table decor, stationery, the groom's outfit - they want to be inspired so they can plan their own weddings."

I agree with that completely, on the whole that is what brides want – to be inspired in planning their own wedding, and that inspiration comes from the details, the dress, hair, shoes, flowers cake and everything in between.

For me when looking through any real wedding photos, on Ready or Knot or any of the other wedding blogs, there’s usually one thing that catches my eye and makes me fall in love with the couple and their wedding. It usually comes in the form of a look or a smile that you know hasn’t been practiced, sparkling eyes and emotion that cannot be contained. It’s love. The love that bursts through the beautiful photographs and in that moment you know that even without the stunning dress, or gorgeous flower arrangements, or sparkly Jimmy Choos, this wedding would still be the happiest day for this couple.

So I dispute the view that a wedding is a resignation to being just like everyone else, I say it's a celebration of a love that makes the world go round. And I'm not even sorry for the cheesy-ness of that sentiment.

Image: Lime Leaf Weddings

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