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15 April 2014

Diary of a Bride-to-be: A Boost from a Bridesmaid

As I’ve alluded to in my previous posts, Jon and I are spending practically no time at all on organising anything for the wedding at the moment, in fact we don’t even really talk about it. It’s that thing in the back of our minds that we really want to get excited about but just can’t let ourselves yet because of our need to get over the hurdle of buying a house. One milestone at a time is my mantra. So when I went to see my old friends (who will be my Bridesmaids) at the weekend for a birthday, I had kind of forgotten I was engaged.
That’s terrible right? I was sat around a table of good friends and the subject quickly turned to wedding plans which of course I had none to share. It was then my friend divulged that she had started saving bits and bobs she thought I would like based on earlier conversations we’d had. As we chatted away, she also told me she had set up a Pinterest board for wedding ideas she thought I would like.
I was quite taken aback by this, she recently became a mum and was on the cusp of returning to work after maternity leave yet she had still found time to expand on my half-arsed wedding plans.
She sent me a link to the Pinterest board, the images pinned were everything I’d been thinking of and other things I hadn’t thought of but now want. It just goes to show that the people around you who are really invested in your life will be there to get excited when you just can’t get yourself to that place. As I looked through the ideas and listened to her talk of all the amazing creative things she can do, it in turn got me really excited.
As I mentioned, my friend now comes with a plus one in the form of a gorgeous baby boy and therefore has a vast amount of small jars, which she’s storing up in a cupboard “just in case” we need them. I was lucky enough to time my visit stupidly well, as our meet up involved the leading ladies from a handmade movement, who gave us an incredible idea of how to use the jars. A quick Google and I can’t actually find any examples of what they suggested, so I’m keeping it under my hat for now and will do a full post when we’ve had a go at making one! 

So I guess what I’m saying in this post is if you’re stressing about not moving your plans forward as quickly as you once envisaged, don’t underestimate the loved ones around you who are picking up the slack without you even knowing! They’ll be listening to those fly by night ideas that you will later forget, and will remind you of them at a time when you really need to remember.  It was a brilliant boost to sit and go through her Pinterest board and I came away from seeing my friends feeling like a bride-to-be once again.


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