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10 March 2015

It's Your Wedding and You Can be a Princess if You Want To: Liberty in Love on All Things Bridal

Browse Liberty in Love’s website and you will understand exactly why it won Best Online Retailer in The Wedding Industry Awards 2015. If you’re not a bride-to-be, chances are you’ll want to be one just so that you can wear some of its gorgeous, intricately designed and embellished accessories (personal favourites are this crystal hairpiece and these opulent deep-green crystal drop earrings). If you are a bride? Well, you’ll be like a kid in a candy store.

The wedding accessory retailer’s lovely Siu Coll speaks to Ready or Knot about everything from how to ‘do’ this year’s ‘bohemian bride’ and hair accessory options for short-haired brides. She also answers the question we’ve all wanted the answer to ever since Made in Chelsea’s Mark Francis uttered the immortal words, ‘Unless you have a family tiara, you do not wear one’, do you HAVE to be a princess to wear a tiara?


What trends do you see in terms of what brides are going for this year?

We’re seeing the bohemian bridal style being a key look for this year – effortless elegance, soft shapes combined with bridal sparkle, so very pretty! 

So, accessories that complement this look will be pieces like hair vines tied around the hairline, cascades of incredible tulle with floor length or train length veils, pretty beaded cuffs.  All with lots of texture and sparkle, and pearls too - because they are just timeless really (although, of course, we’ve moved away from long structured strings of pearls a la Flapper style, to more organic pieces with luminescent pearl accents).

Soft gold-toned pieces are another big look for brides at the moment, which has been gaining popularity over the past couple of years, but we’re really seeing coming to the fore this year.


What was the most popular bridal style last year?

Definitely Art Deco - vintage styles in general were incredibly popular last year, across all accessories from headpieces to jewellery to shoes.  With the Art Deco inspired pieces, our brides loved opulent Deco headbands/forehead bands for a beautifully glamorous look.  Also, combs were hugely popular, one which is great for adding a touch of more subtle Deco detail or for bridesmaids.


When it comes to wedding day accessories is less truly more?

‘Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory’ went that infamous Coco Chanel quotation. For bridal accessorising, that adage remains pretty true, although I would recommend against removing your veil before leaving the house on the morning of your wedding!

But, it’s about balance and about your personality. If your dress has quite a bit of detail and you don’t normally wear much jewellery in your everyday life, you probably want to go a bit more minimal.  Even if you love your accessories, picking one bigger, statement piece as a focal point probably works best, rather than wearing lots of competing pieces.


Can wedding day accessories be worn after the wedding day?

Definitely! Look for classic pieces of earrings, necklaces and bracelets as well as pieces like combs that can be unwired and worn as brooches long after the big day is over.  Also, satin shoes that can be dyed in the colour of your choice, as well as shoes in leather/suede with beautiful embellishments that are not your typical ‘bridal’ shoes will all serve you well long after your special day.


What is the most important thing to remember when buying wedding day accessories?

If you LOVE it, buy it.  Obviously, you want it to complement your dress and your own individual style and body shape, but the main thing is that you have to feel incredible wearing it. 


What hair accessories look nice on short hair?

Hair vines, headbands and clips all work great on short hair.   Clips even work on girls with short fine hair, and so are so versatile for both brides and bridesmaids.


How about long hair?

The world’s your oyster! I think anything can potentially work with long hair. For up-do styles, combs, clips, pins, headbands and hair vines look great.  For hair worn down, hair vines, headbands and clips work well.  The challenge will perhaps be deciding from such a wide selection!


I’m an ‘older bride’ (50) what accessories can I go for?

I think it’s down to the bride’s personal style rather than her age. If you love it, wear it!  I would hate for any bride, whatever age, to look back and wish she’d worn something else instead of the ‘appropriate’ thing she settled for.


Can I pull of a tiara if I’m not a real-life princess?

There are few real life princesses amongst us but if you would love to wear a tiara, a veil or whatever bridal accessory that makes you feel every inch the bride, why not? 


What is your favourite bridal look?

A bride that is being true to her own style, and who is radiant with love and happiness, that’s my favourite look.



From Top:

Bohemian Bride Accessories: 

Brooke Dainty Hand-Painted Enamel Flower Crystal Hair Vine

Selma Mother of Pearl Headpiece (Photo credit: Touch Photography)

Earla Hand-Painted Flower and Pearl Hair Vine

Penelope Crystal Leaves Headpiece

Sage Gold Headpiece (Photo credit: Emma Wyatt)

Rosehill Tulle Veil

Pretty Pearls:

Alice Pearl Droplet Earrings

Bliss Pearl Drop Pendant

Denver Bracelet






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