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13 April 2015

5 Things Your Guests Don't Want


In many ways your wedding IS about you – it’s about you and your bride/groom pledging your love and life to one another and celebrating your love. However the people you choose to celebrate with are your guests and ultimately it’s about ensuring they have a great time – afterall you invited them to celebrate with you because you love them. So here are five things to avoid if you want them to be happy.

AN INCONVENIENT DATE. Does your proposed date clash with a major sporting event? A major local event that will impact upon hotel room availability and prices? If so, please reconsider for the sake of your guests. Not just for their sake but for yourself too. I mean, the last thing you want on your wedding day is people who are only half present because their mind is wondering what the FA Cup score is. Also special dates such as Christmas are to be booked with great consideration, you are expecting people to forfeit a family holiday to spend It with you.

CASH BARS. You wouldn’t throw a party, invite everyone you love and then expect them to pay for their own drinks, would you? So why would you do this at your wedding? I’m not saying you have to have a totally open bar. But allocate a certain amount of drinks per table, have a couple of options open for people to go crazy with and then if they want something different they can pay.

SPEECHES THAT ARE TOO LONG. As a wedding guest there is nothing worse than to sit through too many (or too long) speeches. Think about it, would you like to go to a wedding, only to have the hosts and their friend’s/family talk to you while you weren’t able to mingle or eat? No. Don’t get me wrong, by all means have speeches, but keep them short. As a guide speeches should be no more than five minutes long and no more than 20 in total.

RUDE HOSTS. We know it’s your wedding but trust us when we say your guests will so appreciate a ‘thank you for coming’ from the hosts. You don’t have to have a receiving line, what is really nice though is when the bride/groom go to each table and personally thank the guests for celebrating with them. You’ve invited your guests because you love them and want them to be a part of your special day – show them!

CATER FOR EVERYONE! Food is always one of the most remembered parts of a wedding and there is nothing worse than having to go home hungry. With this in mid please cater for all your guests by asking for dietary requirements in advance and seeing that they are met. You wouldn’t invite a vegan to your home and make him or her go home hungry so extend the same courtesy on your wedding day.

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