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20 May 2015

5 Minutes with Charlie Brear: Wedding Dress Designer Who's Worked with Kate Moss


Charlie Brear has styled Kate Moss and Anna Friel after beginning her career as a MTV stylist. Today she’s the founder of Charlie Brear, the bridal dress company and has been hailed by Kay Barron - Fashion features Director at Net-a-Porter – as, “Brear’s offerings are both directional and instinctively feminine, giving a couture spin on the everyday”. Here she answers our bridal questions.

Which styles/shapes are popular at the moment with wedding dresses?

We feel that brides currently want to evoke a more modern style. A lot of Charlie Brear brides simply want to feel themselves, they may want to be more experimental and embrace fabrics and silhouettes that reflect on the past.

Which is your favourite decade to draw inspiration from when designing wedding dresses?

History of couture will always inspire design. Charlie loves the 1970’s but also loves to look to the future to bring a more modern fashion edge.

What three tips would you give a bride shopping for her wedding dress?

1 Have an idea of the mood you want to create. Think of the venue, flowers, bridesmaids-the bigger picture can really help especially if you are someone who feels overwhelmed by ‘the dress’. Do your research. Spend time with bridal mags and tear out things of interest.  Use Pinterest and instagram too-it will slowly reveal to you what it is you are searching for.

2 Have an idea of how much you would like to spend before you start trying on dresses, this isn’t a trick by boutiques to try to make you spend more money, they really don’t want you to fall in love with something that is unattainable and ultimately upsetting for you.

3 Take 1 or 2 people only and try and have them at every appointment, too many opinions are very confusing.  Don’t go to too many places. Try and choose 3-4 great boutiques and don’t be afraid to stop looking!

What impact have celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Amal Clooney had on wedding dresses in 2015?

Our brides don’t tend to reference too many celebrities-apart from Kate Moss! Social media and popular culture will always inspire and influence but in a more subconscious way. Brides are embracing veils and lace a whole lot more and creating an overall ‘mood’ through instagram and pinterest so admiring real life brides come above celebrity

A Few of our Favourite Charlie Brear Wedding Gowns:


According to Charlie brides are embracing veils, here are a couple of our favourites:


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