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09 November 2015

10 Wedding Favours You Will Love

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Seeds are such fun and lovely wedding favours, what I love about them are that your guests can grow them and be reminded of your special day when the flowers bloom. You could pick a flower that is special to you both or a flower from your bouquet. Baby’s breath is a great choice as they are so easy to grow, forget-me-nots are also a very romantic choice, mostly owing to the story of how they got their name. Legend has it a man and his love, were walking beside a river and he spotted a bouquet of blue flowers. While attempting to get them for her he slipped into the river, and before he drowned he shouted out ‘forget me not’ and tossed the posy to his sweetheart!



Candles are amazing as wedding favours, and one that your guests will use. You can get candles with personalised tin lids with yours and your partner’s name and choose your theme; I love these from A Wedding Less Ordinary or you could buy scented candles of your own choice, perhaps of a scent special to you and re-label them with personalised labels. Yankee candles are amazing if you’re going this route.



You absolutely cannot go wrong with macaroons! Your guests will love them and you can choose colours to suit your wedding theme. 



Whether popped corn with some fun flavouring (caramel or toffee is an amazing choice) or pre-popped corn, this makes a lovely favour and guests can keep the jar long after the day is over.


Flip flops

A perfect favour for beach weddings and also for receptions when your (female) guests feet start to hurt. Provide these as favours and your guests will love you for it!



These are great for destination weddings or even summer weddings in the UK, you can inscribe your names and wedding date on the arms too.


Luggage tags

Yet another great idea for destination weddings in particular is luggage tags, you can inscribe them with cute messages or personalise them with names and your wedding date.



You can have so much fun with this, depending on the time of year you are getting married you can make your own jam with seasonal fruit. Rhubarb is great for spring weddings, summer weddings are spoilt for choice with blueberries, plums, raspberries and strawberries and autumn weddings can choose from blackberries and elderberries. Guests can enjoy your jam and then keep the jars.



Another favour you can have so much DIY fun with – there are so many types of cookies you can bake and you can get friends and family to help! I love the idea of putting individual cookies in personalised bags with a cute inscription like ‘a sweet ending to the perfect beginning’.


Gingerbread men and women

These are particularly fab for winter weddings, you can give a decorate them based on you and your partner.

All images via Pinterest.

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