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14 May 2015

10 Wedding Day Make-Up Dos and Don'ts

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Try before your big day. You do not want to wear a new foundation for the first time on your wedding day, no matter how amazing the reviews you’ve read are or how wonderful your best friend says it is. Firstly, everyone’s skin is unique and there is always a tiny chance you could react badly to it. Secondly, it may make your skin oily, or accentuate your dry patches or the colouring may not work on you. Ideally, wear the make-up you intend to wear on your wedding day for at least a full day previous to your wedding.

Have a touch up kit you keep with your bridesmaids on the day. Basics would include powder, lipstick, lip balm, highlighter, blusher and anything else you think you may need.

Look like you. If you never ever, ever wear thick black eyeliner and Hollywood red lips, your wedding may not be the time to start. The idea is to look just like you, but the very best version.

Focus on the key aspects of your face, work on beautiful brows that frame your face, soft, luscious lips and glowing skin, lashes that open up your eyes and everything else will fall into place.

When you go for your make-up trials wear white, or the colour of your wedding outfit. This way you’ll be able to see how your make-up will look against your chosen colour.


Trial your make-up under fluorescent lights, unless you are also marrying under florescent lights. Try your make-up in natural daylight and keep it on for a full day.

Overdo it. The very best bridal make-up is the type that makes you look like you. Go for balance, if you’re going for a strong lip, keep your eye make-up softer. If you want smokey eyes, a smokey brown eye may look better on a bride than a smokey black eye.

Forget to prep. For you skin that means moisturiser and primer, for your eyes, eye primer and for your lips, lip primer and lip liner. Also, make sure your skin is fully prepped, with exfoliation and moisturising ahead of the big day.

Go too glossy on the lips. This will not look good in photos and will wear off too soon. The best texture is satin and creamy. MAC, Chanel and Charlotte Tilbury do a great range in these textures.

Forget water-proof mascara. It’s your wedding day and you will probably cry so please prepare by waterproofing your mascara.  

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