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21 April 2015

10 Wedding Day Lingerie Dos and Don'ts

Lingerie shopping is the best. Trying on beautiful pieces that fit perfectly, make you look and feel amazing and going crazy with pretty colours and gorgeous, intricate lace is something that every girls needs to do, and regularly.

However, when it comes to wedding DAY lingerie, the shopping needs to be a little more structured. It's not just about looking pretty on but forming the perfect base for your dress to look divine. Here are 10 wedding lingerie dos and don’ts:


ONE Get fitted professionally. So many women wear the wrong sized bra and this has a huge impact on comfort, look and even your posture. Sizes may differ between brands so if possible try to get fitted at the same place you buy your lingerie from, most lingerie boutiques will offer this service and brands such as Triumph, Marks and Spencer and Victoria Secret also offer it.

TWO Take a picture of your wedding dress so the assistant can pick out the perfect lingerie, be it strapless, padded, full coverage etc.

THREE Get refitted if you’ve lost weight. If you’ve lost weight between your fitting and wedding day be sure to get re-fitted, an ill-fitting bra is not one you want to wear on your wedding day!

FOUR Ask your dress fitter to sew in cups if you don’t need much support and are wearing a strapless/one shoulder gown.

FIVE Wear your bra before your wedding day. Sometimes new bras can be ever-so-slightly uncomfortable, purely because it’s new to you, wearing it before the big day will ensure it’s ‘broken in’.

SIX Take your bra to your dress fitting. You will need to see how your dress sits on your chosen lingerie before your wedding day.

SEVEN Consider the three ‘Cs’. Comfort, curves and ‘can I pee in this?’ Lingerie can have a massive impact on the way you feel and the way you look will reflect how you feel. You want to accentuate your curves and you definitely need to be able to go to the bathroom with relative ease.

EIGHT If you want a slightly accentuated bust for your wedding day and you’re having cups sewn into your dress ask the boutique to sew a roll into the very bottom of the cups to give you a little lift.

NINE When it comes to panties, seam free is the way to go. Lace may be far prettier but it will show through flimsy fabrics or fitted gowns.

TEN Go for a convertible, multi-way bra if you are wearing a one shoulder dress.



ONE Invest in lingerie before your dress fitting. You will have a much better idea of what type of lingerie will work after you have tried on your dress. Also speak to the tailor about the type of lingerie that would work with this dress and if you need a bra. With some dresses – if it’s a backless number for example – the tailor may be able to fit in some cups into the dress itself.

TWO Go for lingerie that is heavily laced or embroided or embellished – wedding day lingerie is about comfort and fit, you can save special lingerie for the wedding night and honeymoon. On your wedding day focus on functionality rather than prettiness.

THREE Go for a strapless bra that is too big. Size is key anyway, even more so when it comes to strapless. Try to go for one that has rubber strips at the top of the cup and within the band which will grip your skin. For extra support invest in some body tape.

FOUR Go for black or dark colours. As pretty as colours look, stick to nudes only under your wedding dress, anything else will show up through the white – NOT what you want.

FIVE Skimp on quality. There is a reason why Primark lingerie is so much cheaper than La Perla. Your wedding day is one day when you want to feel exquisite in your lingerie.

SIX Worry that your lingerie doesn’t look amazingly pretty on. On the wedding day it’s all about how your dress looks on top of your lingerie.

SEVEN Make the mistake of wearing a bra too small in the cups and too big in the band – the most common lingerie mistake women make. Avoid this buy getting measured!

EIGHT Rush yourself. Give yourself plenty of time when trying on wedding lingerie, it will affect your whole wedding day look.

NINE Don’t be pressured into buying from the first place you get measured at. Different brands suit different women and different shapes so don’t be afraid to shop around. My favourites are Panache and Curvy Kate, but it took a lot of trial and error to come to that conclusion, so allow yourself to try on different brands.

TEN Don’t worry too much about matching on your wedding DAY. The fit is really the most important thing here, you may find a bra that fits perfectly and works with your dress but they don’t have the panties to match. That’s okay, matching sets can be for the wedding night, honeymoon and every other day.

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