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22 May 2015

10 Wedding Day Dos and Don'ts


Be grateful and gracious, i.e. don’t be a bridezilla

I know it’s your special day and it feels like your world revolves around it at times, but your bridal party, friends and families all have their own lives simultaneous to your wedding planning. If they don’t answer your midnight call, forgive them. If they don’t through you the grandest bridal shower in the history of bridal showers, be grateful for the one they DID throw you.


Have a spa day with your mother, go to the movies with your best friend, have dinner with your fiancé, curl up with a good book, cook something delicious. Whatever it is that de-stresses you – DO IT.

Keep in mind the bigger picture

You are marrying someone you love so much you cannot imagine your life without them, someone you’re so in love with you don’t want to ever be with anyone but them. Nothing in the world makes you as happy as when you see them smile or when your eyes lock and it’s like you are the only two people in the whole wide world. Remember this when you’re tempted to freak out about cutlery or table plans.

Wear your wedding shoes around the house

New shoes are ALWAYS uncomfortable, even just a little. Wear your wedding day shoes before the big day around the house to stretch them out.

Feed your vendors

Your photographer, entertainers, videographer will all work so much better if they are fed and happy.



Have a cash bar

You wouldn’t invite guests to your home and then ask them to pay for drinks so why do this at your wedding? You don’t have to have a totally open bar. But allocate a certain amount of drinks per table, have a couple of options open for people to go crazy with and then if they want something different they can pay.

Be mean to your bridesmaids

They wouldn’t have agreed to be a part of your big if they didn’t love you. And you wouldn’t have asked them if they weren’t the most important women in your life. So remember to be their friend above being a bride.

Try new skin care products close to the wedding day

An absolute no-no. Even if you have never had a reaction to a product in your entire life, close to your wedding day is not the time to take this risk. I would say, don’t try anything new sooner than a month before your big day.

Stress over weight loss

Eat a balanced diet and work out but do not stress about losing lots of weight. If you do want to lose weight, that’s fine, put together a food plan, get a work-out buddy, try a new class. But please don’t stress yourself out and cut out all carbs in the fortnight before your wedding. This will only make you unhappy and stressed. You are beautiful, your groom certainly thinks so – he wouldn’t be marrying you otherwise!

Leave too much time between the ceremony and reception

You don’t want your guests to be hungry or bored on your wedding day! If the ceremony and reception are at different venues do your best to minimise the time between the two and maybe have a hospitality lounge with drinks and nibbles for guests while they wait.

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