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20 January 2016

10 Tips on Picking Bridesmaid Dresses

We bring you our top 10 tips on choosing the perfect bridesmaid dresses for your maids. 

Don’t turn your friends into fashion victims. Would you normally advise your friend to wear an unflattering cut in a shiny fabric in a colour totally unsuited to their complexion? No? Then, why would you on your wedding day?

Keep the same feel as your dress. If you’re wearing a boho style wedding dress, dress your maids in a style which is evocative of this but not too much the same. The bridesmaids are meant to complement the bride, bear this in mind.

Flatter the maids. Work with the different styles and shapes of each maid, so if you have one who is very heavy chested, don’t make her wear a strapless dress!

Think about mis-matched. One way to ensure all your bridesmaids are dresses according to their personal style and figures is to have mis-matched dresses. There are a few ways to do this, you could pick a colour and then let each girl pick a specific shade and style or you could pick a specific style and then let each girl pick a colour within guidelines, so for example, ‘bolds’ or ‘nudes’ or ‘pastels’.

Get the colours right. Work with the complexions of your bridesmaids, if one maid has very pale skin, bear in mind that too-soft pastels will make her look washed out, as will brights.

If they’re paying, think about post wedding wear. If your bridesmaids are paying for their own dresses, it’s very unfair to ask them to splash out on something they won’t wear after your wedding, so try to pick something you love but also something they will want to wear after your wedding day.

Look at the high street. The high street is fantastic for finding bridesmaid dresses and you don’t need to go to a specialist bridal boutique. ASOS has a great bridal range and retailers like John Lewis, Coast and Monsoon all have dresses that would look beautiful on a bridesmaid.

You don’t have to go long. You have so much room to do as you and your maids please when it comes to bridesmaid dresses, you can still go long if you wish but by no means is this your only option, midi is a beautiful length on many girls.

Nudes can be everyone’s best friend. There is a nude to suit everyone and this is a great option for bridesmaid dresses, you can go slightly mis-matched with this and let each girl pick a shade of nude which suits her while you pick the style.

Whites look beautiful too! Kate Middleton and Poppy Delevingne both her their bridesmaids in white, if you go for this option make sure it is a very simple style and cut, your bridal dress must look bridal next to them. 

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