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27 August 2015

10 Things to Remember if You're a Bride

ONE Don’t buy lingerie too far in advance. There’s a reason why women should get measured for a bra every six months – your boobs fluctuate in size fairly regularly. Ideally buy your wedding day lingerie 8-6 weeks before your wedding day and don’t forget to take it along to a dress fitting. See our lingerie buying guide here.

TWO Don’t take things too seriously. The truth is the little details of your wedding day may not go exactly to plan. It may rain, someone may be less than happy with the seating plan, a distant relative may complain about the menu, BUT as long as you end the day married to the love of your life, little else will matter.

THREE Don’t stress too much over seating plans. Don’t stress yourself over the possibility that a work colleague and school friend may not totally hit it off – your guests are adults and small talk and making an effort with people is sort of part of the deal.

FOUR Let it go on the day. If a supplier is a tad late or if a bridesmaid wants her makeup slightly differently to how you had planned, don’t let it have a negative impact on your mood. It really is irrelevant in the face of the fact that you are marrying the love of your life.

FIVE Make your hotel room homely. If you’re staying away from home the night before, take home comforts with you to make you feel at home, the familiarity will have a soothing effect.

SIX Take it easy with the perfume. If someone can smell your scent from across the room, you’re wearing too much. The idea is that you should be smell-able in your personal space, so at arm’s length in any direction. Ideally invest in the shower cream in your chosen wedding day scent and spray one spray of perfume on the inside of each elbow and once on your neck, twice at most. This should be enough. Read our guide on choosing your wedding day scent here.

SEVEN Assign responsibility for taking home cake, gifts and cards. It’s your wedding and this is NOT on the list of things you should be worrying about post-wedding reception. Assign someone you trust to take home the left over cake and gifts and cards, or see if your venue will look after them until someone collects them the next day.

EIGHT Schedule relaxation time the week before the wedding. This is mega-important. The run-up to your wedding is a special time and should be enjoyed, but people can spend so much time and energy stressing over the details of the day that scheduling in some time to just relax is very much needed. Have a spa day with your friends, get your nails done, go to a movie – whatever it is that makes you happy and relaxed, do it.

NINE Pause and take it in. Like pretty much every occasion we spend months and months looking forward to, your wedding day will be over quicker than you would like, simply because all time is relative. Throughout the day, pause, breathe, look around, take it in, be present and create memories that transcend beyond videos and photographs. Remember the smells, the sights, the sounds, and most importantly the way you feel.

TEN Wear in your shoes. If anyone has ever told you that the way shoes look is way more important than the way they feel is wrong. If your shoes are painful, you are going to be miserable and you’re going to look like you’re in pain – not a good look. Wear in your shoes before your big day, so you know where (if anywhere) they cause you blisters or rubbing and can take action accordingly. Also, if they are a little stiff, wear them with socks around your home to stretch them out.


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