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25 June 2015

10 Honeymoon Destinations to Blow You Away

While the wedding is planned with the guests in mind, from a slightly point of view, planning the honeymoon is in many ways even more special. Gone are the concerns over whether your auntie will want to sit next to the cousin she hasn’t spoken to in 20 years or whether your desert table caters for everyone. All you need to do is relax and plan time in which you and your newlywed spouse can have an amazing time. Here are my top ten destinations perfect for honeymooning.


The 74 islands scattered between Queensland on the north east side of Australia and the Great Barrier Reef boast some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with its turquoise waters and white, powdery sand. The coolest thing about these paradise islands? The heart shaped reef right in the centre! The lack of people on the islands is one of the best things about them and only serves to make them even more romantic. Hamilton Island has a couple of beautiful romantic resorts Beach Club, Qualia Resort, as does Hayman Island, One & Only Hayman Island.



There was a time when Nicaragua was a secret, a handful of backpackers headed there but everyone else took to bordering Costa Rica and Panama. But recently there’s been a shift as tourists have become aware of Central America’s largest city and chosen it as an alternative to its ‘touristy’ neighbours.

For me, it makes the perfect honeymoon destination. You have gorgeous beaches, sleepy fishing villages, reefs, volcanoes, stunning wilderness, the stunning Corn Islands - and hardly a tourist in sight. I love the fact that even now so few people go here and so it retains a sense of authenticity and you feel like you’re discovering places so few others have.



With its blue domed buildings atop whitewashed buildings which tumble down into the azure sea, Santorini is the perfect romantic backdrop to a honeymoon. Sunsets are absolutely stunning here. You don’t have to spend your entire honeymoon in Santorini either; you can explore one of the many beautiful Greek islands.



Here you have possibly the world’s most famous beach in Copacabana, alongside deserted beautiful beaches. You have lush rainforest but you also have the vibrancy of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. The beauty of Brazil is that it will have something for every palate; you can spend a few days exploring city life, before retreating to one of its many secluded beach resorts. Bahia in particular is gorgeous – a strip of sleepy fishing villages with seemingly never-ending beaches (100km of coastline) and the amazon jungle and beautiful wildlife.



With its beautiful white sand beaches, legendary sunsets, smiley people, lush rice fields, and flower petals wherever you go, Bali is basically somewhat of a paradise. You have the beautiful, if over-crowded-with-tourists, Gili Islands, Kuta with its breath-taking sunsets, Ubud with its rural charm, and a multitude of hidden beaches to discover. Ideal for an exotic honeymoon.



On this Indian Ocean paradise of 1200 islands you will find sand that is softer and water that is bluer than anywhere else on earth. Every single resort here has its own private island and you have more than 100 to pick from. The Maldives also have amazing diving and snorkelling, with schools of colourful fish, reefs and caves to explore.



They say that Paris is the world’s most romantic city, but to me, this honour has to go to Rome. Then there are the images of Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant falling in love in possibly my favourite movie, a Roman Holiday that this ancient city evokes.

You have the beautiful buildings – the Vatican, the Pantheon, a plethora of pretty churches – you have the cobbled streets, the beautiful piazzas you stumble upon that could belong in a movie, and then there’s the food. Seriously, everyone should go to Rome!



Aside from the emerald waters with pretty coloured fishes and magnificent Mount Otemanu, what makes Bora Bora such a popular honeymoon destination is its over-water bungalows. Depending on where you stay you may have a glass bottom through which you can wonder at a plethora of sea life swimming below you. This place is undoubtedly amongst the most beautiful in the world.



One of the most diversely beautiful destinations in the Caribbean, you have white-sandy beaches, lined with rows and rows of palm trees, and then you have other parts of its coastline bordered with dramatic, rocky cliffs,  and mangrove lagoons. You can even spot humpback whales swimming in coves where pirates once roamed or roam inland for lush jungle and beautiful waterfalls.



For obvious reasons ‘The City of Love’ makes my Top Ten Honeymoons list – with its iconic monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame and the Louvre, beautiful food and pretty cafes and bistros, you will have no shortage of city to explore. For the slightly cheesy there’s also the love-lock bridge, where couples can lock padlocks together and flick the key into the River Seine. Oh and then there’s the French accent. All around very romantic.


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