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22 July 2015

10 Alternatives to Wedding Cake

Image credit: Pinterest

I love cake - all cake. But I also love doughnuts, and macaroons, and pastries bursting with cream, and pie. Which is why all of these alternatives to a traditional wedding cake sound so, so amazing! Here are our top 10 alternatives to wedding cake – enjoy and beware of drooling.  


Because who doesn’t love doughnuts? Especially when they come glazed, covered in icing and chocolate and stuffed with custards and crèmes. They look pretty too – you can have them coloured to match your theme and decorated with flowers to look pretty.



This French pastry is possibly the prettiest of all and coming in virtually any colour and so many flavours, you’ll find one (or ten) to suit your theme and tastes. Again you can use fresh flowers to make them look even prettier.


Cheese cakes can look amazing dressed with lots of fresh fruit and would make a lovely treat for guests after the main course. It’s a such great alternative for couples who lack a sweet tooth.



Not only does this look gorgeous, is loved by all, is very easy to organise, it’s also inexpensive. Win-win-win-win.


Especially perfect for spring/summer wedding, you can make these look beautiful with fruits of your choice – you can’t go wrong with berries and kiwi also looks and tastes wonderful.


This looks amazing, especially with the kisses in beautiful pastel colours or in whatever goes with your wedding theme. Ombre is a great look too – have the colours go gradually darker or lighter towers the top for a beautiful effect.


Cake pops have been around a while now but still make great alternatives to wedding cake. They look lovely and are easy to serve and eat. You can also give them to guests as favours.


Stacked high, drizzled with chocolate and decorated with flowers – this is a delicious and gorgeous alternative to traditional wedding cake. If you want you can have a cake to cut into at the very base.


This can have a slightly undone effect to it, with cookies piled on top of each other in ties. They’re easy to serve to your guests and you can have a variety of types of cookies to cater to all tastes.


Quite like a wedding cake, but a pie. You can go for seasonal fillings – rhubarb, apple and blackberry, peach and chocolate are all great choices and you can serve with cream, ice-cream or custard.

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