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30 July 2015

10 Alternatives to a Flower Bouquet

Image credit: Pinterest

One of the most wonderful things about modern day weddings is the couple’s absolute prerogative to have the exact day they want. Maybe that will mean wearing a jumpsuit in place of a wedding dress, forgoing a wedding cake or replacing a traditional floral bouquet with something a little different. If the latter is you, we have so many amazing alternatives to floral bouquets to inspire you, and not a single one is faux flowers. Enjoy!

Sheet music

These make such a great modern alternative to flowers, these cream ones with blue lining look sophisticated and the pink nudes, so romantic! Feel free to play with colours and bejewelling to fit your theme.


Pearls and paper

Isn’t this SUCH a cute bouquet? The pearls and tiny paper pink roses look absolutely delightful and romantic! Again, you can style to your theme – from the style of paper flowers, the colours of paper and pearls. 



A paper bouquet doesn’t sound amazing, does it? But the above SO is, isn’t it? It is entirely up to you what colours you go for, whether you go for printed paper, what type of flowers you go for.



The ultimate in sparkly, glamorous bouquets. You can play around with jewelled colours, vintage gems, pearls and diamantes. These look especially gorgeous with vintage themed weddings.



How cute is this bouquet? I love the idea of having seashells in a bouquet – so much fun.


Felt is another great option for an alternative to actual flowers, you can have beads, pearls or other ornaments sewn on and play to your heart’s content with colours and shapes.


Ridiculously pretty right? You can literally have whichever colours you want and you’ll end up with a sparkling, beautiful bouquet that’ll last long after the big day.



This is a wonderful option for a winter wedding. You can fluff up with fern or spray paint them with glitter or gold for a wonderful winter wedding bouquet.



Feathers make for a fabulous bouquet, especially fitting for a Great Gatsby themed, 1920s vintage wedding; you can decorate with delicate diamantes and pearls.


Single flower

Perfect for a flower bouquet without the whole bouquet! Single flowers look seriously chic, fluffy, big blooms like peonies work especially well. 


All images via Pinterest.

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