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09 June 2014

Your First Dance

Wedding First DanceEveryone is different and everyone likes different things. One person's dream wedding day could be a drive thru Las Vegas style affair whilst others prefer a much more traditional setting, perhaps at a stately home. Regardless of the setting, the budget and the people, there are several strands that will be almost identical. All brides and grooms will have someone who performs the ceremony regardless of their faith. All weddings will generally have some kind of gathering afterwards. A majority of weddings will have both a wedding reception and an evening party. Of those weddings that do have an evening reception, the majority will feature the bride and groom's first dance as a married couple.

Strictly Ballroom

Most men get quite nervous about this, as they often think they will look foolish or worry that they will stand on their bride's toe. Not many grooms will necessarily know how to dance and may take lessons, especially if the bride has gone for a traditionally themed wedding, which may call for some ballroom dancing. If this is the case, lessons could be something the bride and groom do together, that could bring a welcome break from the wedding planning or just some time away from any stress. Many people place a lot of importance on the first dance as all eyes are generally looking their way, so it can cause a fair amount of butterflies for the bride too. After all, almost every bride has dreamed of her wedding day for years and has pictured her first dance as perfection. It can help to put things in perspective to remember that it only lasts a few minutes, as others get up and dance with you as the song goes on. The choice of dance will vary from couple to couple encompassing everything from the "Birdie Dance" to the foxtrot. As long as it is something you are both happy and comfortable with, it should all go smoothly and live up to your expectations. If nothing else, it's a few minutes where you only have yourselves to think about instead of making sure everyone else has everything they need.

They're Playing Our Song

When it comes to the choice of songs this is usually a song that is special to the bride and groom. It could be the song that was playing when they met, perhaps the theme tune from the first film they went to see or a song that has been adopted as "their song" during the courtship. Occasionally, the couple might not have a particular song or the one they consider to be their song might not lend itself to a wedding day first dance scenario - heavy metal or drum and bass for example! In this case, you could ask your DJ to pick something suitably romantic for the occasion or just choose something in the charts at the time. Whatever the song, the dance or the wedding, it is likely your first dance will be a treasured memory from a very special day, even if the groom does accidentally stand on his new wife's toes!

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