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01 December 2015

Winter Wedding Colour Theme: All White

There’s something so classically beautiful and elegant about an all-white winter wedding. Fresh white flowers, crisp white linens, twinkling white fairy lights - all white without a colour in sight. Not convinced? Here’s a little inspiration.

When it comes to table décor there are many ways to use white. As well as white linens you can use white flowers and if you want a little bit of an accent you can use green foliage. The green doesn’t take anything away from a white colour scheme, it being such a crisp, natural colour in itself. Lots of candles look lovely too, a few taller candle holders couple with tea lights adds depth against the canvas of white. There is also almost nothing more beautiful than a canopy of white flowers – line the aisle with it, hang them from the ceiling, wrap them around an arch.


Speaking of white flowers, baby’s breath flowers are stunning and can be used in abundance.  You can cushion other flowers with them or have them on their own for a simple yet elegant vibe. I love the idea of stuffing bird cages with these pretty flowers and decorating the venue with them. 


All white cakes can look so beautiful and there is so much choice with the design. You can have flowers on top, decorate with pearls and diamantes or use sugar designs. 


White flower bouquets are absolutely timeless in their beauty, I think there’s such little scope for going wrong with an all-white bouquet, no matter what flowers you choose to use. For an otherwise all-white wedding a little green in a bouquet looks lovely and naturally stunning. 

All images via Pinterest.

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