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09 June 2014

What Role Your Wedding Entertainment Has At Your Wedding

Wedding DiscoWhilst everyone loves the first glimpse of the bride and the emotions of hearing the couple exchange vows as well as getting the chance to chuck confetti everywhere, the reception is the part of the day that nearly everyone looks forward to the most. The opportunity to relax and chat to long lost friends and relatives, as well as have a bit of a boogie can be the perfect end to the day, which is why the evening entertainment is so important.

Keep your guests happy

Most wedding receptions feature music in some form or another, but an empty dance floor can give the evening a stilted atmosphere. That's where the choice of music is vital and having a chat with the DJ before the big day is essential to make sure the playlist includes the kind of music you want. But regardless of your own musical preferences, you will want to pick songs that your guests will enjoy, as ultimately, that's what will get them on their feet. So, there's no point picking highbrow classics if you know that your mum and your aunties are dying to get up and strut their stuff to a bit of 70's disco. Maybe your dad is just waiting for the chance to recreate Saturday Night Fever. This isn't the day to force your own musical tastes on everyone. By giving everyone a bit of what they want, you are guaranteed to create a great party atmosphere.

Musical medley

A DJ is not the only musical option; some couples decide to hire a band. People tend to like to dance to songs that they recognize, so asking a group to stick to mainly cover versions is a good idea, or maybe even picking a tribute band. Alternatively, a swing or jazz band can be a real crowd pleaser, especially when followed by a disco afterwards. If money is an issue, there's no need to forego music. Creating a playlist on an MP3 player and plugging it into some loudspeakers means guests can kick off their shoes and dance the night away without having to listen to a DJ rambling on.

Entertainment with a difference

But music isn't the only option for weddings; some couples prefer to hire alternative entertainers. Stand-up comedians can create a great atmosphere whereas magicians can be fun for adults and children alike. Caricature artists offer another dimension to the evening and will be a real talking point for guests. Letting the artist work their way around the guests throughout the evening gives everyone something to take away with them and can be a modern alternative to favours left on the table. The entertainment you pick will have a big impact on the mood of the evening and money doesn't necessarily guarantee a good time. It's all about knowing your family and friends and choosing something that you know everyone, old and young, will enjoy.

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