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09 June 2014

Wedding Myths from Ages Past

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue tension and anxiety reaches a fever pitch when we plan our weddings, and people who are otherwise rational become obsessed with myths, superstitions, folk tales and old wives tales. Your wedding day is the start of the rest of your life and understandably you don't want anything to jinx it, so treat these myths with a sense of fun and irreverence and don't let them dominate or dampen your day.

You Must Not See Each Other!

We will start with a biggie. This is the superstition probably most strictly adhered to. It is also the one most feared by brides, but sometimes it is just not practical. Understandably you will not want your groom to see you before the big reveal, so not seeing each other on the morning of the wedding day is probably a tradition worth sticking to. But if you are getting married abroad, or away from your home, then it is just not ideal. Furthermore it is actually quite nice for couples to stay together the night before, to enjoy a drink and a chat ahead of the biggest day of their lives - and it will certainly help alleviate those on-the-day nerves and tensions. Something old, something blue, complete nonsense, nothing true! blue This is probably the most famous of all wedding day maxims, and it comes from an old nursery rhyme. It goes: "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe". Wedding day attire can be uncomfortable enough as it is so thankfully time has lopped off the last part of this rhyme, but should it be ditched altogether? Perhaps not. It is one of those fun traditions that a wedding day wouldn't quite be the same without. Just don't stress out if something is not quite true to the rhyme; your day and future happiness won't be a disaster because of it.

What Does a White Wedding Dress Mean?  The reason for wearing a white wedding dress probably isn't what think, and considering that most couples these days have already lived together prior to marriage it would be irrelevant anyway. Actually wedding dresses historically could have been any colour - depending on the brides preference. Poorer brides were even reduced to wearing their church clothes. The white wedding dress was said to have been first worn by Philippa of England on her wedding day in 1406 in the church of Lund, and was popularised by Queen Victoria when she married Albert. Furthermore it was intended to showcase Victoria's great love of lace. So contrary to popular opinion the colour white did not denote virginity - that particular honour is reserved for blue; apparently the colour of purity and fidelity. So wear what you want; white, red or, in old Scandinavian tradition, black.

A Pearl of Wisdom?

There is a myth that bothers brides because it is unsubstantiated and has been largely ignored. Unfortunately as a result it stays in the back of your mind and then rears its ugly head just in time for your wedding. I'm talking about pearls of course. Pearls are the perfect accompaniment to a white wedding dress, but it is said that pearls represent tears and a future fraught with unhappiness. However brides have long flaunted this silly myth and worn pearls with their wedding gown, and you should too - alternatively you could cheat 'fate' and wear fake pearls. No one need ever know.

Dropping the Ring; Free of Sin?

Here is another one that you may not have heard of; dropping your wedding ring. Apparently by doing this you are shaking off any evil spirits that may have attached themselves, for whatever reason, to your wedding ring. Please don't do this. Somewhere else it is actually deemed bad luck, and I have this horrible vision of brides and grooms scrabbling around on all fours looking for a lost wedding ring. Most of these superstitions have become so entrenched in wedding day tradition that it would actually be a shame to lose them. By all means keep the traditions going, just don't be a martyr to them; your day should be worry and stress free.

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