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09 June 2014

Wedding Day Make-up - Natural Beauty

Most women will agree that their wedding day make-up must be the best make-up look of their lives. It must accentuate their natural beauty whilst also giving them a flawless appearance. Like everyday make-up, a bride-to-be's ideal style can vary from female to female, with some going for the au naturel approach whilst others prefer to adopt a theme, such as a particular seasonal colour scheme or era (i.e. 50s). All brides should consider hiring a professional make-up artist for their wedding day. Good make-up artists will offer a consultation or two prior to the occasion, so that various looks can be trialled before a final decision is made. A particular look that you have in mind might not actually suit you once applied, so it is best to do the trial and error prior to the wedding morning, rather than having a melt down on the big day. With that in mind, here is a little inspiration to get you thinking about your beautiful bridal look.

Through the years

50s Rockabilly

50's Make-upParticularly suitable for those with a love of Grease or classic American diners, the 50s bridal look is one that couples striking eyes with voluptuous red lips. Dark, winged liner dresses the upper eyelid, balanced with a gentle white highlight just under the arch of the brow. With natural lashes, this make-up provides a relatively simple make-up that still manages to make a statement. Sharply shaped red lips evoke a balance with the eyes, creating a pin-up inspired appearance. This look works well with knee-length bridal gowns that have oodles of volume in the skirt, alongside hair scooped up into sleek victory rolls.      



60s Model 60's Make-up

The 60s era was all about monochrome eye looks that acted as the focal point on the face of the doe-eyed model wearing the look. Like the 50s style bridal looks, 60s make up looks have a heavy focus on eyeliner, shadow and lashes. Fluffy upper false eyelashes with a solid black line across the lid and along the crease of the eye socket is stereotypical of the 60s mod look. The lower lash line should use a set of mixed length individual lashes to create the classic dolly/doe look, or alternatively, a couple of 'eyelashes' drawn on with eyeliner. Keep the lips nude to balance out this eye-intensive look.

With the Seasons

Autumnal Shades Autumn Shades

Seasonal colours always work well as wedding make-up, particularly if the rest of your wedding is also themed to match the season. Autumn is an excellent time for brown and taupe cosmetic shades, as the colours reflect those of the leaves that find themselves scattered across the ground. A smokey eye blend of brown eye shadow with a hint of gold on the centre of the lid is an enchanting autumn look that works well on all brides. A neat sweep of fine eyeliner seals the eyelids, whilst natural false lashes can add an extra flutter for when you look into your groom's eyes at the alter. A pale pink lip is the ideal pairing with this sultry and seasonal eye-look.  


Winter Ice Winter Make-up

Winter wedding make-up stays within the range of paler shades, from white through to a gentle rose pink, with a shimmer of silver thrown in to replicate the glistening snow. Highlighter is your best friend for this winter make up, as you can use it on the high points of your face (i.e. nose, cheeks, t-zone etc.) to create what is known as the 'angelic glow', that will help you to glow beautifully in the pictures. Longer-than-normal false lashes can add an extra layer of magic to the final appearance, whilst a mild coral lipstick can add warmth to your face, as though you have just come indoors from the chill of the December air.

Alternative wedding make-up is high up on the wish list of most contemporary brides, who crave originality with a sophisticated twist. Be sure to have a chat with your make-up artist of choice as they have a professional knowledge on which looks suit which bride, and on how to tailor your desired look to suit the elegance of your wedding. Whatever style you choose, a little prior research will ensure that you're the belle of the ball, all day long!

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