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15 October 2015

Wedding Colour Theme: Winter Neutrals

In theory, a neutral wedding theme doesn't inspire excitement or conjure up images which stir passion. Neutrals are neither vibrant nor rich. But, when done correctly, there are few other wedding colour themes which look as serene, elegant and beyond beautiful. The wonderful thing about neutrals is there are so many combination options - you can go for a range of shades from the same pallete - be that beige, grey, greige or taupe, accent a single neutral with golds or silver or combine a range of different neutral colours. We have so much pretty inspiration for you below:

A neutral wedding theme's very best friend? Fairy lights. Plenty of them. While fairy lights look beautiful with almost any colour scheme, they look particulary stunning with neutrals. There's something ethereal about hundreds of pretty little twinkly lights against creams, taupes and dove greys. You can have a canopy of fairy lights, an archway constructed of them or stuffed in jars with flowers as centre pieces. Tea light candles also look absolutely beautiful int he absence of colour and can be dotted around pretty much anywhere - up aisles, along tables. 

How absolutely beautiful are these cakes? Ombre is absolutely lovey with neutrals, it looks so elegant and pretty and gorgeous decoracted with folliage. You can also go quite ethereal with blush pinks, taupes and golds! You can always stick with traditional white, but with such a subtle theme you can go for colour on your cake and still have it look really elegant.  

I think neutral bridesmaid dresses are my absolute favourite, they look so elegant and timeless. Bear in mind your maids' colourings and don't go for a tone that washes them out, neutrals look stunning when each maid wears a slightly different shade so you'll be able to find a perfect shade for each bride. Beading looks absolutely gorgeous on neutral dresses too.

With flowers you can go for greys, creams, whites and blush rose, with winter bouquets, foliage looks lovely against neutrals.

All images via Pinterest.

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