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23 July 2016

Wedding Colour Theme: Raspberry

Weddings based around a colour theme are my absolutely favourite (that’s not to say I don’t enjoy the odd flamingo themed wedding), what’s even better is when said colour sounds as delicious as well as looks gorgeous. Such can be said for a raspberry themed wedding. The rich blue-pink hue makes for such a succulent wedding colour theme, and we have lots of inspiration to get you started – from fabulous florals to, too-pretty-to-eat cakes and gorgeous table décor. 

Raspberry coloured flowers look so beautiful and because it’s such a strong colour, they will make such a difference! Think raspberry coloured roses, and peonies with beautiful foliage or combined with paler pink or white blooms. These can adorn your wedding cake, table plan, menu or even be worn in your hair. Flowers really are the easiest way to add specific colours to your wedding and probably the most beautiful!

Adding an accent of gold is one of the best ways to pull off a raspberry themed wedding, the richness of both colours play off of each other beautifully. You can use gold cutlery, vases, gold gilded frames, gold and white on a cake topped with raspberry flowers, as a ribbon for bouquets and with tea light holders. The use of white and gold in summer in particular pulls a raspberry theme together and adds a summery freshness. 

When you’re having such a delicious theme it would be a shame not to incorporate it into the menu – from delicious raspberry mousse to raspberry meringue kisses, raspberry swirl cupcakes to a beautiful cake topped with raspberries and other berries, you really can be as adventurous as you like!

You can also use actual raspberries in floral arrangements, have raspberry lemonade as a refreshing drink for guests and raspberry sweets as favours.

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