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09 June 2014

Wedding bouquets

Many women dream of their wedding day long before they meet 'the one', for many of these women the thing they have the most fun fantasising over is (apart said '˜the one' of course) is the dress. For me it's the flowers. It probably has something to do with my mum being a little obsessed over them - while most women love retail therapy in the form of shopping for clothes/shoes/bags, she is never happier than when she's in a garden centre fawning over some really unusual plant that grows only in a very specific village in outer Mongolia when the stars are in a very particular alignment (okay, a little exaggerated). In all seriousness there's something I find so beautiful about the fragility tinged strength of flowers, like how a delicate little pansy can grow through the snow. So, naturally, one of my favourite parts of a wedding is the flowers, but aside from deciding what type of flowers you want to incorporate you'll also need to decide on the style of bouquet you want to go for! So where do you begin?

Nosegay bouquet

This is probably the most common type of bouquet style, even though it originated over a century ago in the Victorian era. The Nosegay bouquet is a bunch of densely packed, ball-like arrangement of flowers with the stems tied with a pretty ribbon. It's simple and 'done' but a total classic. While almost any flower can work in this bouquet, roses and peonies are very popular.

Pomander Bouquet Ideas

The Arm Sheaf Bouquet

This is a gorgeous alternative to more traditional bouquets, it's a bouquet of long-stemmed flowers that are cradled in the bride's arm and they can be simplistic or elaborate. I think they look gorgeous in a beach wedding or a modern affair. Orchids, long-stemmed roses and calla lilies are all popular choices for this bouquet.

Armsheaf Bouquet

Cascade bouquet

A 'princess' bouquet, the cascade is very girly and romantic, with the flowers arranged like they are spilling out of a base and cascading downwards. It's the most formal of all wedding bouquets, round at the top but spirals downwards into a cone - most famously it was the bouquet Princess Diana carried at her wedding to Prince Charles.

Teardrop Bouquet Ideas

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