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19 August 2015

Top 10 Ideas for Wedding Dessert Bars

Image credit: Pinterest

One wedding fact well known to all is that dessert bars are amazing and you can have so much fun with them. You can have them alongside a wedding cake or forgo the cake altogether and have these stations as the main attraction. Here are our favourite wedding day dessert stations:

Cupcake Bar:

These can simply be cupcakes or you can provide icing and confectionery and allow your guests to have fun decorating their own.

Mini Pancakes:

These go beautifully on skewers with strawberries and cream, or you can go for chocolate or syrup or pretty much anything you want.

Toffee Apples:

Fantastic for autumn weddings, these make such a unique dessert table centre-piece.

Toasted Marshmallows

Allow guests to toast their own and dip them in chocolate and you have a pretty fabulous midnight snack. Oh and your guests will love you.

Cookie Bar:

I absolutely adore the set-up of these cookies, it just looks so pretty and autumnal and rustic. You can have anything you want – you could even get guests to bake batches and that way everyone gets to try other guests’ favourites.

Waffle Bar:

Completely genius. Who doesn’t love waffles? And there are so many ways to serve them – maple syrup, chocolate drizzle, fruits, nuts, cream – the list goes on.

Doughnuts and Coffee:

Or hot-chocolate. Either way this is a winning combination.

Pie Bar:

Serve a variety of miniature pies with custard, cream or ice-cream. Try a couple of classic fillings and a couple of seasonal ones or favourites of you and your newly-wed spouse.

Chocolate Strawberries:

These are so easy to do and are pretty much loved by all. You could try other food items dipped in chocolate too – profiteroles, pineapple pieces, marshmallows.


Biscuits and Milk:

So simple, but absolutely wonderful. These make a great midnight snack or as a separate table for the children.

All images via Pinterest.

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