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09 June 2014

To Save the Date or to not Save the Date

This article was orginally written by Alex Gillham on behalf of - specialists in printed balloons.

Wedding invites set the tone for a wedding, they add to the anticipation and excitement, are often the catalyst that makes the big day seem "real" for the happy couple and tease guests as to what kind of wedding they will be attending, but what about "save the date" cards? As more and more couples send them out pre-invitation have these become just as necessary as the actual invites? Read on for all you need to know about save the dates. When to Marry

Save the date cards as well as invitations?

Save the dates are sent in advance of the actual invitations; they inform potential guests of the date to set aside as early on as possible. Sending a save the date is entirely dependent on personal preference, but it is a nice courtesy and if you are getting married at times such as school holidays or Christmas, when people tend to make plans in advance, save the dates may increase your preferred guests' chances of being a part of your special day.

When should they be sent out?

They are usually sent around six to eight months ahead of the date. This time will allow guests plenty of time to make travel arrangements, book time off work, think of wedding present ideas, save money and plan an outfit!

Who should they be sent to?

To the people you want to come to your wedding, which is why it is important to have your guest list drawn up prior to sending out save the dates. Remember to send them only to the people you definitely want to be at your wedding and are intending to send invites to. At this stage it's important to know how many guests your budget will allow for so that you do not over-send save the dates only to then realise you can't actually have everyone who you've sent them to at your wedding. Remember this as a golden rule - once you have sent someone a save the date it is very bad form to then not invite them to your wedding.

Should save the dates specify exactly who is invited?

Yes. By specifying who is invited you're less likely to have a situation of "assumed invitees". Also, stating invitees at this early stage will allow parents of uninvited children ample time to arrange childcare and out-of-town guests plenty of time to make accommodation and travel arrangements safe in the knowledge they are actually invited.  

Fun save the date ideas:

Who says favours are just for weddings? Why not send a little box of sweets or chocolates with your save the date message on the box?

Great for allowing invitees to peel and stick on their calendar - ensuring your big day will literally stick in their calendars!

These are great for destination weddings, casual, quirky and heaps of fun!

Why not send your potential guests an un-blown balloon and let your details be revealed on the balloon once they have inflated it?

Send your invitees a calendar of your chosen month and date with the relevant details clearly noted.

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